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Flyglobespan fails to take off


March 19, 2007: In an incident that would attract much debate, low-cost carrier Flyglobespan has cancelled a new summer flight to the Costa Blanca even before its first take-off. The airline was supposed to start flights to Murcia from Aberdeen on Sundays and Wednesdays from April 29, reports said.

However, it cancelled the inaugural flight and confirmed to callers they would not be going ahead for technical reasons. Flyglobespan had said that it was a lack of passengers which had prompted the decision.

Meanwhile, passengers were furious about the development. While one said that he had booked three trips six months ago and found it tough to adjust with the cancellation, another said he had heard from friends before he received e-mails from flyglobespan saying that two outward flights and one inward flight were being changed.

Meanwhile, passengers were looking at the website for other flights and spotted that the Wednesday ones had all disappeared. The carrier had initially informed the passengers that the flights had been taken off while the website was being updated but then admitted the Wednesday flights would not be starting.

A flyglobespan spokesman apologised to passengers for any inconvenience caused but said the company had little option but to cancel the midweek Murcia flight. He said that the airline would launch a major programme from Aberdeen this summer and in general have been very pleased at the interest and uptake. However, any company must listen to what the market says and it was apparent there wasn't the demand for two flights a week from the airport to Murcia, he added.

The company spokesmean added that any passengers affected can transfer to the Sunday flight free of charge or have a complete refund.

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Flyglobespan fails to take off



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