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China announces plane plan

Boeing, Airbus see a challenge from China.


March 21, 2007: Airbus Industries and Boeing Co have a challenge in front of them from beyond the Great Wall. China has sounded an alert which is expected to make the aviation giants sit up and watch the dragonís moves.

A large commercial aircraft seems to be in the offing. While international aerospace analysts are not willing to be convinced, it is more that clear that the Chinese industry has quite a few surprises in store which have the potential to throw up mega technical and commercial challenges.

Chinaís plans to build a large aircraft capable of carrying more than 150 passengers has been speculated but the revelation came a few hours ago. The country has been developing the aviation industry for 50 years and already has the technical and material base to develop large aircraft, said a report.

Significantly, China boasts of about 1100 jetliners in its commercial fleets and is expected to buy about 1600 aircraft between now and 2020, valued at up to $180 billion, as it becomes the world's second-largest airliner market. The large Chinese aircraft are likely may take to the skies by 2020, said a report.

Meanwhile, the announcement is seen by the aerospace industry as a challenge to the Chicago-based Boeing and Airbus.

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