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Air Deccan's Simpli-fly tickets for Rs 7

Cheap Simpli-fly air tickets from Air Deccan for as low as Rs 7.

January 15, 2006

Making the common man fly is its motto. Air Deccan is indeed adhering to this motto very convincingly. Come festivals, and the airline joins in the celebration with a slew of cheap ticket offers. The common man is happy with the way Air Deccan has simplified flying.

Now, with the Makar Sankranthi season on, India’s first budget airline company is going offensive on the recently entered players in the market by launching a new scheme on the festive occasion.

The airline is releasing three lakh tickets at Rs 7 (plus taxes) in the Indian market. These tickets are applicable on traveling in February and March 2007 and are available on all the sectors. According to the airline, the booking of these tickets started on January 14.

According to Capt G R Gopinath, Managing Director of Air Deccan, the newly launched discounted scheme for their customers comes as an idea for stimulation of spontaneous and impromptu travel. He added that Air Deccan looks to even out the difference between peak and non-peak travel seasons. Travelers should be able to get low fares whenever they want and not only in off seasons, said the airline company MD.

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Air Deccan's Simpli-fly tickets for Rs 7

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