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Air Deccan one rupee flight tickets online
Low-budget airline Air Deccan is to sell a few seats on its flights for as low as Re 1, that too on busy flight routes like Bangalore-Delhi.

Air Deccan Mumbai Nashik tickets online booking flights
A hundred new flights every year for the expanding Indian skies: that is what upstart Indian low-budget airline Air Deccan has in mind for the next six months.

Air Deccan mulls IPO, lists tickets in petrol bunks
Next time you want an airline ticket, you may even get it through Hindustan Petroleum outlets. Air Deccan is trying all sorts of approaches to make customer happy.

Budget airlines in India and upcoming airlines
Budget airlines in India offering cheap flight tickets, current players and upcoming airlines list.

Air Deccan wants airbus delivery quick, Indian domestic flights
Faced with a shortage of leased aircraft and increasing number of passengers, Bangalore-based low-budget airline Air Deccan has asked Airbus Industrie.

Indian air tickets to cost more - Indian Airlines, Jet Airways
Air Deccan ran newspaper advertisements on April 14, showing headlines of Jet, Sahara price hikes, with an Air Deccan alongside listing their cheap fares. 

Air Deccan Delhi Mumbai Thiruvananthapuram flights.
Low-cost airline Air Deccan's Mumbai-Thiruvananthapuram and Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram flights are starting from April 23.

Air Deccan Chandigarh flights from May 9; online booking schedules
Air Deccan is to finally get airborne to Chandigarh-Delhi sector from May 9, 2005, a route to which the airline was planning operations for quite sometime.

Indian Airlines widens EMI scheme; Air Deccan cuts Bangalore-Delhi fares
The scheme was first offered to Citibank and ICICI Bank credit card holders. The card holders would have the option of paying for tickets.

Air Deccan selects RK Laxman's Common man as mascot
Renowned cartoonist RK Laxman's "Common Man" has been selected as the mascot for the low-budget Indian airline Air Deccan.


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