Delhi state assembly elections 2003

4 December 

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Current status in all states : 4 PM. IST

Elections 2003 Results
Delhi (70)
  Party Leads in Won
Cong 1 46
BJP 2 18
Others - 3

Madhya Pradesh (230)
  Party Leads in Won
BJP 80 88
Cong 20 17
Others 19 6

Rajasthan (200)
  Party Leads in Won
BJP 9 111
Cong 2 54
Others 1 23

Chhattisgarh (90)
  Party Leads in Won
Cong 17 17
BJP 27 25
Others 3 1

Mizoram (40)
  Parties Leading Won
MNF 21
Cong 12
Others 6

Latest update: Congress sweep in Delhi

Elections to four states Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh - will be held on December 1 and elections to the Mizo assembly will be held on November 20.

Current status: All opinion polls indicate that in the forthcoming elections, Delhi is already in the Congress' pocket. Sheila Dikishit has all but tied up everything, and there is no one, except perhaps Madan Lal Khurana, who still has a hope here. BJP bigwigs too, privately, admit that Delhi is a write-off for them.

In the Delhi state assembly elections 2003, the fledgling state will witness a direct fight between BJP and Congress.

The current chief minister of Delhi state, Sheila Dikshit, will face off against BJP in the state assembly elections, to be held on December 1, 2003. The BJP's chief ministerial candidate is still unconfirmed - it could be Sahin Singh Verma or Madan Lal Khurana.

Current analysis of Delhi's electorate indicates a sure win for  Congress. Sheila Dikshit's policies - notably regarding traffic and transportation, pollution and slums have been very popular in the state. The Delhi metro is also cited as an achievement of the Delhi government. Despite BJP's attempts to identify with the sections of the society that has suffered because of the government's measures in these areas, the city state overwhelmingly seems to back Sheila Dikshit and Congress in the forthcoming the state assembly elections.

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