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World Cup Cricket on SET MAX

Come, Play says SET Max as cricket fever reaches a maximum


Feb 21, 2007: The biggest sporting event of the year is just less than a month away. However, Max is celebrating as if the Cricket World Cup action has already begun. Come, Play is the theme reverberating all over.

With the big day all set to dawn in a few weeks’ time in the Caribbean, Max is putting the final touches to its marketing campaign. The past

few nweeks saw the channel airing a series of countdown spots. Starting February 25, its main spot would debut. Around 3000 spots will air not just on Sony's channels but on other players as well, reports quoting a senior official said.

With the Come, Play theme all set to charm, he ad campaign will also spot a new fascinating look. According to a report, the people in the ad will don jerseys of different countries with the aim to celebrate the sport with maximum fun. According to sources, the advertising campaign has been conceived keeping in mind the fact that the West Indians enjoy the sport in a laidback manner. The scene of course is different in India where cricket is religion for the people here.

Besides these, Max has aso kick started a signature campaign with the channel travelling to 130 towns and cities asking fans to send messages of support to the team. The best entries will be put together to form a miniature artwork, said sources, and will be presented to the Indian team in the West Indies. Max will also release a limited edition calendar to celebrate the event.

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