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Compliments pouring in for Dhoni

Dhoni's brave stand at Jamshedpur failed to win India the match, but garners praise.


MS Dhoni photo

April 13, 2006: The hero of ranchi could not win the one day international game for India despite a brave innings. Mahendra Singh Dhoni came out all guns firing, but with wickets falling regularly at the other end, controlled his game. He played a cautious yet aggressive game, but despite a good partnership with Ramesh Pawar could not save his team. Dhoni's brave attack saw 10 boundaries and three sixes. 

But Dhoni's game has come in for praise from all around. Just a day before the game at jamshedpur, Indian cricket coach Greg Chappell said that he had enough potential for improvement if continued to maintain his form. 

Chappell also Dhoni had a positive attitude and that he plays the game whole-heartedly. ''Dhoni has no false modesty and judges the situation to ably tackle it,'' he said. Chappell added that he had good leadership qualities, and tries to give a 100 % in every game.

After the Jamshedpur game, Dhoni came in for even more praise. Stand-in captain for England, Andrew Strauss said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an "amazing" batsman who plays a "thinking game". Andrew Strauss added that "the way Dhoni comes out blasting at the opponents is just worth emulating." Acording to Strauss, Dhoni had a wide array of shots, and his thinking game makes him dangerous. Compliments from the opposite should sound definitely sweet to Dhoni.

Post-match, Dhoni also came in for praise from India's stand-in captain Virendra Sehwag who ruefully admitted that all India needed was someone to hold up the other end. Sehwag, who is in the middle of a run of bad luck, said that Dhoni's game showed that there were runs in the wicket.

Skipper Rahul Dravid also added to the chorus, saying that Virender Sehwag and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were not one-day wonders. They were not made in a day, and it is remarkable the way they handle the fame and pressure, he added.

Dhoni is likely to be rested for the next India - Enbgland game in Indore.

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