Let kids be kids

A few days back, while shopping on the streets of Vashi, I saw a strange sight.

Walking ahead of me were three women - one in a shirt and pair of trousers, two in their salwar kameezes. Nothing remarkable about the women, however .

Alongside them, walked a little girl child, with a cute ponytail. What the kid was wearing was what stopped me and my brother short.

The little girl was wearing a glittering gold short dress with noodle straps, and the dress just about covered the little girl's butt. In the night, in the glow of the street lamps, the girl looked liked a small-sized street-walker. A hooker. The dress was straight out of the late night music vidoes, designed to display rather than cover up.

I cannot guess whether the dress was the little girl's idea or its mother's. What I believe is that either way, getting a little child to wear such a dress, and get her comfortable wearing it  is a surefire recipe to invite sexual attention to the kid who has passed her infancy only an year or two ago.

I have read stories - in Outlook - I think, of how children like to dress up, take care of their appearance etc. But the stories pictured children at least a few more years older. 

If an adult wears a dress as short as that, I may lech at her. I may find it distasteful. However, what I know for sure is that it is an adult's choice, and she is responsible for the consequences. If you want to dress like a video hoochie, it is your ass, baby.

But a kid - you know what this invites? Let me tell you. I do not think your ultra-sensitive women's magazines will tell you about this.

This is India, and India has a large share of perverts on its streets. There are many sitting idly by the streetside, whose nightly pleasuring of themselves is fueled by what they see on the streets. Old women get molested on our streets, and so do young women. If a passing newspaper boy decides to grab a peace of that ass, the kid is too young even to understand what is happening.

Two, does anyone really know how sexually conscious young children are? They may not know about the birds and the bees, but every read-blooded young boy wants to look under skirts or pull a pair of panties down. That is reality. Kids, whom you get too comfortable with their own near-nakedness, will get naked with their playmates, cousins and maybe, the older pervert staying next door. Do not doubt this, the kid is going to be a major turn-on for boys who are too young to get a hard-on, but not too young to get their cousin sister naked.

Visualize a few more years ahead, based on the little data that we have. I see irresponsible parents living out their gal fantasies through their sexy child, leading to initial sexual attention the child is ill-equipped to handle, later to being groped by boys around the neighbourhood and a potential molestation or rape by a neighbour or relative by the time she is 14 years of age. Forget sexual liberation, you are not even offering the kid a choice - by the time she is an adult, she could turn into one with a most brazen, cynical and scarred view of the world.

Am I drawing too many conclusions out of what I saw on one kid on the street? Yes. But unfortunately, the world is not a particularly friendly place. Give your kid some time to learn it.




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