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Chevrolet Optra and New Honda City

New Honda City with airbags and ABS soon

I like the cheeky ad - Not Honda, Not Toyota..

Ad or not, the new Chevrolet Optra 1.6 seems to be marginally better than the recently launched new Honda City.

Of course, almost everyone liked the Optra 1.8. Big and roomy, and stylish too. But the new Optra does one better. Being priced almost half a lakh better than the new Honda City, it has invited heated comparisons on which is more car for your money.

Indian chevrolet optra pictureOn the minus side, the new Chevrolet Optra 1.6 is less powerful than its sibling, is marignally costlier, and many do not like the front grille - even with a Chevrolet badge on it.

On the minus side for the new Honda City, it is not as much a driver's car as the old City was, looks are space-age-ish for many.

new Honda City image

Maybe we should all hold on. I found something interesting on the Net - the Chevrolet Optra sold in Canada has a different appearance grille-wise than the one we have here. Who knows, maybe there will be a newer Optra tomorrow with the new looks? Take a look at the photo and tell me  what you think of these looks.



Canadian Chevrolet Optra photo



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Dilip Chhabria



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