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Looking to buy lingerie? Take a look at our lingerie marketplace

For those who wanna be the teacher's pet, says the product description. While your average teacher may run a mile if he sees you in this, your teacher at home may not. Extras: It can conceal a push-up bra, cotton-stretch etc etc.

Got a biker boy? Or a boy who was a biker when he was a little less soft? Gets turned on by the greasy, tough babe look? Get these boots. Get a bike too, if you can! Or perhaps you can pretend there is a bike parked outside.

This one is for you if he is into Arabian Nights fantasies a bit too often. definitely suits the purpose. This is a belly dance costume lingerie outfit. This is available in all shapes andsizes. This bit of sexy lingerie is a 4 Piece item, uses Stretch Spandex and Glitter, padded underwire,  top-adjustable straps and back, brazilian back spandex Panty, Coin embellished Long Skirt and Veil. 

Leather Teddy with straps, a lycra back and pins to hold it all together. At least that's what we think. We are men, what do we know anyway?

Teddies are in a class of their own - you usually don't go wrong with a teddy. A leather one is even better - especially if you live in a country where the leather-babe fantasy is prevalent. Click on the picture to shop.

This antique rose corset has a smooth long silhoutte to flatter most figures. if you are the type who likes sexy lingerie under all that formal wear, you can wear this to work too. Available in ivory, red and black.

Ahem. the Arabian Fantasy again. Its golden, has a wraparound skirt, bustier, and you can do a close imitation of what you see in the image above, he is all yours. This one is more drama than lingerie. Can you pull it off? The beachwear resemblance means that you possibly can.

This one is a charmeuse low back babydoll outfit. Sexy forever, this piece of lingerie can be pulled off whatever your figure. It is not mind-blowing by the standards of some of the other lingerie images here - but with 90 % of men, this is all you need. men are quite simple that way.

It's white, its lacey, and its cupless! This cupless bustier will make it extremely easy to begin everything. Just wear it, and things will fall into place! Yea yea, it's got adjustable this, underwire that - why do we even bother to describe cupless lingerie? Who do we think we are? We are already on the dark side!



More lingerie news below from around the site

Lingerie With Plus Size Lingerie Web Site Have the Practical Female in Mind

Without Fancy Online Videos or Flash Animation, This Lingerie Site Continues to Focus on the Plus Size Women with Regular Size Women Still in Mind

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 29, 2005 -- While many lingerie web sites on the Internet target customers with "perfect bodies" another retailer is silently building a business in selling women's lingerie to both plus size women and regular size women.

Nevada-based Evolution Marketing and Development Inc., through its Internet lingerie store at http://www.angelbodywear.com , have been providing both plus size women and regular size women with a comfortable, friendly, easy to use web site to shop online for intimate lingerie. Instead of trying to wow their customers with fancy flash technology and animations, http://www.angelbodywear.com  endeavors to improve a women's shopping experience in purchasing intimate lingerie online. In addition to offering many standard features that one would naturally expect from an online shopping retailer, this site offers easy to use search capabilities, giving the customer the ability to search for any of its hundreds of in stock items, 3 separate viewing sizes including a fabulous large detail view and side previews of optional colors.

"We offer a straightforward shopping experience with an emphasis on product choice and customer service," said Patrick Kennedy, Director of Marketing for Angelbodywear Lingerie. "Many of our customers are looking for plus size lingerie that may be purchased in a comfortable, easy to use shopping environment that does not leave them feeling self-conscious about their purchase."

The Angelbodywear Lingerie web site consistently receives positive feedback from the customers that have visited the web site. Competing successfully against rival companies to build awareness on the Internet is a difficult task when many of its competitors are just a click away. Patrick Kennedy actually gives credit to other online intimate retail sites such as Fredericks of Hollywood for the public's embracement of on-line lingerie shopping.

"Fredericks of Hollywood have helped increase the awareness that you can purchase intimate apparel online," said Kennedy. "With the publicity that has been generated, women now feel that the Internet is a place they may purchase their intimates online, in their own privacy."

According to Kennedy, the Company is focused on increasing brands and styles that it will offer. "We plan to retain our focus on providing quality customer service, convenience, and selection for women who buy their intimate lingerie online." 


Sexy Lingerie – Ladies, Buy it For Him

Phoenix, AZ With the holiday season just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about holiday gift ideas. What does your man really want? Sexy Lingerie?

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 27, 2004 –- He has the tools, the toys, the trinkets. What does he really want? Most likely, it’s you. Ladies, it is time to check off the most wanted holiday gift on his Christmas list, and Lingerie of Hollywood can make that easy to do. In the privacy of your own home you can shop online at lingerie-of-hollywood.com for just the right http://www.lingerie-of-hollywood.com  [sexy lingerie] to suit your style and taste, and give the man in your life a great gift that you will like, too.

Has he ever tried to buy you http://www.lingerie-of-hollywood.com  [sexy lingerie] before? Chances are that it didn’t fit, accentuated your figure flaws, and wasn’t your idea of romantic at all. This year, beat him to the punch by choosing your own http://www.lingerie-of-hollywood.com [sexy lingerie] as a gift for him. You know what looks right on you, and he will surely be pleased.

Lingerie of Hollywood’s mission is to provide you with the largest selection of http://www.lingerie-of-hollywood.com [sexy lingerie] as exhibited by their extensive selection of http://www.lingerie-of-hollywood.com [sexy lingerie] in all styles, sizes and colors including; thongs, panties, bras, teddies, corsets, bustiers, dresses, gowns, dancewear, pantyhose, hosiery, garters, mini skirts, bodysuits, leather, shoes, even wigs.

The best possible service and ease of shopping online make gift buying from Lingerie of Hollywood a fantastic choice for you. If you have any questions about sizes or colors, call the toll free number at 1-877-473-3070. You will get instant advice from a live person. Then you can make an informed choice and place your order.


Something Sexy from Angelbodywear Lingerie

Looking to spice up your holiday season? Then Angelbodywear Lingerie can help you out!

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 11, 2004 -- How would you like to spice up your holiday season with some intimate lingerie from Angelbodywear Lingerie?

With the stress of the holiday season soon upon us, why not try and relieve some of that stress with an intimate evening and some sexy lingerie!

Kennedy, of Angelbodywear Lingerie, retailer of sexy lingerie at sexy lingerie online at this time of year. We also know that with people spending more time indoors, they tend to prefer to have more intimate evenings with their partners. And with intimate evenings will come intimate lingerie".

Angelbodywear Lingerie sells plus size lingerie, corsets, thongs, baby dolls, and other sexy lingerie. They also offer discrete packaging, gift boxes and apparently will be offering free frost tote bags and free silver boxes with some purchases!

Kennedy adds "We also know that within many parts of the United States, there are many outlying towns where accessibility to sexy lingerie is limited! Especially if you are plus size and are looking for plus size lingerie. Angelbodywear Lingerie plus size lingerie collection offers many styles of teddy's, bustiers and intimate wear."

With the holiday season around the corner, Angelbodywear Lingerie is in preparation for their new fall lingerie styles! So whether it is planning for an intimate thanksgiving or fun around Christmas, online lingerie shopping may be the way to go this busy holiday season!


Surprise Her With Sexy Lingerie

With Fall now upon us, come shorter days and more time being spent indoors! Guys, this is the perfect opportunity to plan an intimate surprise for your girl and surprise her!

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 13, 2004 -- Start out with a bottle of wine, prawns for dinner, chocolate covered strawberries and of course, some sexy lingerie. The last one may be the tricky one to shop for, so we have included a couple of useful hints for you.

Sexy lingerie may be a little bit embarrassing to shop for. For obvious reasons, it can be intimidating for any man to walk into a frilly lace lingerie store, and ask for lingerie teddies, thong, corset, bra or any other type of sexy lingerie. This is the beauty of the Internet!

Lingerie shopping online can be pretty easy if you know what you are looking for. We do recommend that you should know your partner well enough that when they do receive their gift, they are not taken back by it, or turned off. That been said, lets continue.

You may wonder why so many online lingerie stores have so many different sizable items. Especially sizable items fitting around the bust area. This is because a lot of women do tend to by sexy lingerie online as well. Not just the male counterpart. We recommend you stay away from these.

What you should be looking for, are items that fit small, medium or large. Or better yet, some items that are “one size fits all”. If you know your partner well enough you should not have too much problem with her sizing. Most online sexy lingerie stores, such as Angelbodywear Lingerie do offer sizing charts with equivalent dress sizing and waist, hip sizing. Pay attention to her waist size. Pay attention to other clothing she purchases. Does she prefer items that are skin tight, or clothes that tend to be more conservative and hang off and are a little on the loose side. If she prefers items that are skin tight, and dresses a little more risqué, then perhaps she might be into a sheer lingerie teddy, body suit, or corset. If she is a little more conservative, then perhaps a baby doll might do the trick.

Make sure you order your product in plenty of time for your special evening. Do not order it last minute. You may even wish to order your item, and wait for it to arrive before planning your evening. Decent lingerie stores, like Angelbodywear Lingerie will tend to have most product in stock. However that being said, being a busy season, occasionally an item may be out of stock! Some places will also offer gift boxes and free shipping.

With your intimate evening lingerie wear taken care of, and knowing what her favourite dish is, you should be in great shape to plan that perfect evening that she will cherish forever! 


The Right Place to Find Classy Lingerie

Have you been looking for higher end styles of lingerie for yourself or a gift but are unable to find it under ‘lingerie’ on Google?

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 27, 2004 -- Have you been looking for higher end styles of lingerie for yourself or a gift but are unable to find it under ‘lingerie’ on Google? Up until recently, the only online retailers that came up under this search term on Google, sold risqué styles.

Angelbodywear Lingerie ( http://www.angelbodywear.com ) has now broken this trend and is amongst the minority of higher end lingerie web site retailers that have found themselves within this competitive keyword.

“Sure, there are people on the Internet looking for risqué lingerie, however for those looking for a higher end style such as Felina, or Arianne, those places are hard to find. I believe at the time of this article, we are the one of the very few in the top searches on Google that carry a higher end, wear to work style of lingerie ” said Iwasaki of Angelbodywear.

Iwasaki says that while it is great to receive traffic from directories, partners and malls such as DMOZ, or A Diamond In Jewelry or 24-7shoppingmall directory at http://www.24-7shoppingmall.com, the vast majority of traffic does comes from the search engines. 


Summer 2004 Bridal Lingerie Fashion Trends

Are You Ready for Your Special Wedding Night?

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2004 -- You have spent all this time in preparation for your special day. However what about that special evening? You do want to make sure your prepared, don’t you?

If you are looking for fashion lingerie, then make sure you check out a style of corset. The corset promises to be hotter than ever this year, with many different styles available.

One of the more popular styles would include the satin Jacquard corset. This two piece satin flower Jacquard strapless corset has metal boning, typically found in higher quality corsets and a sleek lace up back.

The advantage of metal boning over plastic boning is that the metal boning tends to offer a firmer hold. Most plastic boning corsets tend to be more fashionable than practical.

As far as cost goes, when looking for a corset, expect to spend between $49 and $130. Some rare high fashion corsets can go for as much as $400.

Where can I buy a corset? Simply do a search on lingerie and see who comes up! Many online retailers such as Angelbodywear Lingerie, will have a specific bridal lingerie category with numerous corsets available.

Iwasaki of Angelbodywear Lingerie says “we usually see an increase in sales on our corsets around this time of year as we recognize the high demand for weddings. This is part of why we have created a specific category for bridal lingerie and included a couple of our top corsets”. Iwasaki’s Angelbodywear Lingerie also happens to carry a Jacquard corset with metal boning, amongst others.

For sizing, most corsets will be sized through the bust and have sizes such as 32,34,36,38. Some corsets will have a straight sizing of small, medium and large with a dress size style of fitting.

As far as color is concerned, if it is your wedding, stick to the classic wedding white with white stockings. You will be sure to knock the socks off him!

Tia Lyn's Girly Designer Lingerie

Tia Lyn's Girly Designer Lingerie is Dripping with Embellishment and Made in the USA---New York City! Check out the "Tuscany Print" Mesh and Contrast Stretch Lace Camisole, Boyshorts, Low-Rise Hipsters and Pajama Pants for Fall Delivery.

Blurring the line between innerwear and outerwear, the Tia Lyn Collection is uniquely composed of “Wardrobe-Building Lingerie and Loungewear Separates”. Though divinely soft and intended for sleepwear, Tia’s intricate lace appliqué camisoles are fast becoming trendy “Must-Have” items. The coordinating low-rise boyshorts, thongs and pajama pants are popular with customers.

(PRWEB) August 26, 2004 --

“This season, I drew inspiration from my favorite Antique Teacups and my most cherished Grandmother Ruth’s slips. I have found memories of playing dress up with my sister and our cousins in her darling tricot gowns. We thought we looked like Movie Stars and that is how I intend my customer to feel.”Spokesperson: Tia Lyn

Up and Coming Lingerie Designer, Tia Lyn has caught the attention of celebrities, fine boutiques and bridal houses nationwide. In her third year of business, Tia continues to produce her delicate vintage inspired lingerie made modern with today’s fit and the comfort of Lycra enhanced knits. The delightful lingerie perfectly compliments a woman’s figure to accentuate curves. Fabulous attention to detail is what makes her designs reminiscent of the past, but they always has a fun carefree modern twist.

Blurring the line between innerwear and outerwear, the Tia Lyn Collection is uniquely composed of “Wardrobe-Building Separates”. Though divinely soft and intended for sleepwear, Tia’s intricate lace appliqué camisoles are fast becoming trendy “Must-Have” items. The coordinating low-rise boyshorts, thongs and pajama pants are popular with customers. Everyone likes to mix and match to create their own look. Today’s Fashion Enthusiast is a Multi-Tasking Career Woman that demands versatility and celebrates her self-confident femininity. Understanding the market, Tia continues to manufacture fresh functional separates, all with her distinctive attention to detail and flawless notion of comfortable glamour.

For Spring/Summer 2005, Tia is celebrating six new cheerful colours: Keylime, Meringue, Tuitti Fruity, Sugarbaby, Crystal Berry and Gingersnap. The Platinum Collection features classic pin tucks, stunning embroidery and Austrian Crystal Charms. This line is dripping with embellishment for oohs and ahh’s!


Online Women’s Thong Lingerie Boutique L.A. THONGS is Open for Business


L.A. THONGS (www.lathongs.com), an online boutique offering a variety of quality women’s thong underwear styles and fashions, officially launched this week. L.A. THONGS is a business founded by women, for women, with the goal of offering quality thong lingerie at great prices.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) June 23, 2004 -- L.A. THONGS (www.lathongs.com), an online boutique offering a variety of quality women’s thong underwear styles and fashions, officially launched this week. L.A. THONGS is a business founded by women, for women, with the goal of offering quality thong lingerie at great prices.

"We try and take the hassle and expense out of buying thongs," says Co-Founder/Senior VP of Merchandise Julie O’Dell. “Great product quality combined with aggressive pricing is the key to tapping the thong lingerie market, and allowing us to deliver prices much lower than mall lingerie stores."

L.A. Thongs features thong lingerie in many styles, including: elegant & bridal thongs, sporty thongs, sexy thongs, casual thongs, and our unique Bra & Thong matching sets.

"Operating online allows us to cut our overhead costs dramatically," says Julie. "Low overhead combined with our direct relationships with the manufacturer translates into pricing that you just can’t find at the local lingerie store. And we don’t have to sacrifice quality either."


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