Yuva Trains for Indian cities soon

Saturday, July 4, 2009, 10:17 by Business Editor

Imagine traveling in an air conditioned train and paying Rs. 299 and Rs. 399 for distances up to 1500km and 2500km.

Railway minister Mamta Banerjee has made this a reality with the announcement of Yuva air-conditioned (AC) trains to be introduced for the youth.

The announcement was made in the Railway budget for 2009-10 presented by the railway minister Kumari Mamta Banerjee.

She explained that the Yuva trains would run between major cities in order to allow the youth and low income groups of the train facility at affordable prices. This move aims to make commuting easy for yougsters in the rural areas who wish to travel to the major metros of the country.

The Yuva train would only provide seating arrangements and will offer a weekly service as a pilot project by October 2009.

Initially, the trains would run from Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Kolkata. If the pilot project is successful the Yuva trains would then introduced to other major cities of the country.

The Yuva trains will run from point to point for the distance ranging from 1,000 km to 2,500 km.

Meanwhile, in the annual rail budget, passenger fares and freight tariffs have not been tinkered with. The Indian government also reduced revenue goals for 2009-2010, keeping in mind the economic slowdown.

Mamata Banerjee said, “Based on the review, it is very clear that the unrealistically high targets set in the interim budget are not sustainable and warrant a midcourse correction.”

The federal government will pump in Rs 407.45 billion to expand India’s railway network and will introduce 57 new trains in the current fiscal.

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