Sanraa, Endemol deal for The 99, 3D animation series

Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 9:42 by Business Editor

Continuing its impressive financial run, Chennai-based media technology company Sanraa media, previously known as Sanra Software, has signed a £ 2 million deal with the leading global production company Endemol UK for the production of the animated series The 99, which is based on the illustrated comic The 99.

The comic is owned and published by Teshkee Media Group, Kuwait.

The production of The 99 series will start in January 2009. The major elements of production of the series will be undertaken by Sanraa Media where as the day-to-day production work will taken care of by Endemol. The 99, a 3D animation series, will comprise of 26 episodes.

“Under the agreement, the entire production for the 3D Animated Series, comprising 26 episodes, will be done by Sanraa Media and day-to-day production will be overseen by Endemol,” the company said.

“The co-production deal also entitles Sanraa Media to the rights of distributing the series in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand,” said Sanraa director Sukumar Subramanian.

The deal also mentions that the series distribution rights in the territories of India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia will be claimed by Sanraa and the distribution process for the rest of the world will be overseen by Endemol International, the world-wide licensing and distribution leg of Endemol. The first series will commence in January 2009 and will end by 2010.

Endemol is owned by a consortium comprising Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, Mediaset Group and Cyrte Group.

The 99 revolves around 99 superheroes who work together to combal evils and undergo many adventures in the process. All the superheroes are from 99 different countries.

Each superhero upholds one out of 99 global values such as wisdom, mercy, strength or faithfulness.

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