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Indian and International pharmaceutical and drug news



Inhaled insulin may get US FDA clearance

Impax delisted from Nasdaq

US FDA okays Lupin's cephalexin

Hepatitis C combo therapy to get priority review in Japan

Lung cancer vaccine trials promising: Introgen

Sugar-free pill Actiq for cancer pain

39 drug firms sued over price rigging in California

Anti fungal terbinafine launched in Europe: Actavis

HIV entry blocking drug data encouraging: Progenics

Allegra generic to be launched in US

Long-acting pain drug data positive: Pain Therapeutics

New kidney cancer drug seeks EU nod

Snuppy: The first cloned dog

German Remedies launches Fludara Oral

Sandoz files seven ANDAs of drugs going off-patent

Novartis launches AMD patient counselling programme

Nanobac Life Sciences, UCSF to study kidney stones 

Surface Logix commences phase I trial for PDE-5 inhibitor

Johnson and Johnson demonstrates coronary stent safety

Pfizer's investigational drug reduces tumor growth

New labeling for beta-blocker Coreg 

Investigational drug for Acute Bipolar Mania And Schizophrenia

Preclinical Data Support Link Between IL-9 and Airway Hyperresponsiveness Associated With Asthma

NIH review finds govt scientists having ties with pharma firms

Legionnaire's disease outbreak in US hospital in New Rochelle 

UK has new generics reimbursement scheme 

US patent office rejects Pfizer’s Lipitor claims 

Panel to decide fate of Advair, Serevent and Foradil asthma drugs

Reducing lung infection and inflammation due to Cystic Fibrosis

New product relieves tooth pain resulting from dental sensitivity 

Dietary supplement capsule by Liqing banned in US

Cold Stone Creamery cake batter ice-creams recalled

Paxil CR resupply in US pharmacies announced by GlaxoSmithKline

Stem cell research gets boost from Li Ka-shing


Viagra users not at risk of blindness: Pfizer

Gates Foundation donates for a good cause

Restless leg syndrome could be messing up your sleep

Chemists boycott Glaxo, Novartis products

Maharashtra phases out nerve tissue-based rabies vaccine  

Last long, really long - new sex drug soon

Early Intervention required to Prevent Diabetes

Lupin launches generic ceftriaxone in US

Vaccines not linked to autism, say experts


Guidant alerts on flaw in pacemakers

Awareness on Medicare drug benefit scheme low in US

PhRMA seeks voluntary DTC ad code

Matrix acquires controlling stake in Docpharma

Actavis launches Fosinopril in Netherlands, Sweden &UK; Benazepril in Germany

Stem Cell Bill could be delayed in US


Cancer News

Heart Dieases and Obesity


Contraception and Abortion News

Alzheimer's, Parkisonson's and Obesity

One shot vaccine against measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox approved in US

Drug duo halves heart attacks, strokes: Study

Chiron rebuffs Novartis' bid

Sleeplessness: - Long-acting Ambien tablets okayed in US

A vaccine against fungus is on way

Aclasta found faster-acting in Paget's disease treatment

Beta blocker can start therapy in heart failure: Merck

Halobetasol generic launched in US

Anemia drug darbepoetin's late-stage studies begin: Amgen

Cholesterol generic gets marketing nod in US: Par

Bone regeneration trials begin in US:Mesoblast

Breast forming gene discovered

Thyroid drug to be supplied by IVAX in US

Fluarix, anti-flu shot by Glaxo approved

Increlex, drug to treat `abnormally short’ kids approved in US

WHO calls for emergency action to halt TB in Africa

Some of the Vioxx suits may be settled: Merck

Hospira ships ceftriaxone generics to US

Renovis stops sciatica drug studies

Merck sets up generic arm Genpharm in US

Anti-depressant Seroxat defended by GSK against new findings

Vioxx verdict: Merck’s defeat to trigger thousands of lawsuits from US, UK

New blood test method approved in US

Step-by-Step instructions for dealing with Asthma Attacks

Paxil (Paroxetine) may heighten suicide risks, finds study

Safety alert on Gambro Dasco’s Prisma renal system

Merck responsible for Vioxx death: Jury

Pfizer to offer drugs risk/benefit summary to consumers 

Merck lied to public on Vioxx: lawyer tells jurors


British drug supply chain safety questioned after another fake Lipitor find

Wyeth starts support programme for Effexor patients

P&G’s Actonel with Calcium approved for osteoporosis

Pozen gets patent on pain management product

Genmab studies new drug for rheumatoid arthritis

Painkillers may increase blood pressure: study

Predix records positive data on anxiety drug

Insmed files against Increlex approval

Hepatitis A vaccine for kids approved in US

Psoriasis drug data positive: Cytochroma

Pfizer files NDA for Sutent in US

Cardiac Science-Defibtech lawsuit settled

TheraQuest receives 2nd Orphan Drug status for neuralgia drug

Real-time glucose monitoring device approved in US

Migenix to commence phase 2b studies in hep C therapy

Anorexia drug study results positive: Par

Ranbaxy's 7 anti retrovirals included in WHO list

Voglibose tabs launched in Japan

Remicade researcher gifts $ 105m to NYU

Mistral starts clinical studies for generic

Germany set to stop rabies crossing borders

Office to review DTC drug advertisements in US

British docs to be trained in communication, safety

Corautus to go ahead with angina drug studies 

NIH announces grants for faster, cheaper DNA sequencing

DOV starts phase III trial of pain drug in US

Hypertension `just above normal’ too risky

Gene causes infertility drugs go awry: study

China’s pig flu outbreak

Peregrine starts Phase-1 anti-viral trial of Tarvacin

Dr. Reddy's launches immune booster for children

Bird flu vaccine may work in humans: US researchers

More funding for Sentinel Breastscan

New drug Provigil can keep you awake: Cephalon

Anti-virals can stem global flu outbreak: Studies

Backjoy - A chair support that helps relieve back pain

Why does mammography lead to pain for some black women?

What after the Atkins diet?

Perrigo recalls infants’ oral drops in US

Novartis gets EU nod for Xolair

Eli Lilly to submit ruboxistaurin for diabetic vision loss

India bans valdecoxib

UK recalls Lipitor fakes

Drug developers set sight on 'interactome'

Pfizer's Celebrex approved for spondilitis

Echinacea does not prevent common cold: Study

Mumbai floods: Pharma sector losses estimated at Rs 1,000 crore

Calorie Control Council Statement: Allegations Against Aspartame Unfounded




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