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Cardiac News

Headlines from the world of heart studies, medicines, prevention, cures and research.


Bigger the waist, higher the heart risk 
Thursday 21 Sep 2005:  Obese people are in the high risk category for heart diseases and ailments.

Drug duo halves heart attacks, strokes: Study
8 September,2005: In a pathbreaking study, Anglo-Swedish scientists reported the risk of stroke and heart attacks in people with high blood pressure could be halved by combining new treatments such as Pfizer's Istin with cholesterol lowering statins

Beta blocker can start therapy in heart failure: Merck
8 September, 2005: Merck KGaA reports that initiating treatment with beta blocker and adding an ACE-inhibitor after six months was clinically comparable to starting with an ACE-inhibitor and adding bisoprolol after six months, in treating chronic heart failure.

BiDil heart failure drug for black patients approved
25 June, 2005: The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared BiDil (bye-DILL), a medicine for treating heart failure in self-identified black patients, moving a step toward the promise of personalized medicine.

Aceon approved for heart disease treatment in US
25 August, 2005: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Aceon tablets for the treatment of patients with stable coronary artery disease to reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality or non-fatal myocardial infarction (MI).

Heart disease deaths more among New Yorkers
19th August, 2005: Health experts in the US are trying miserably to fix a cause as heart disease related deaths are becoming increasingly high among those live in New York City and its suburbs.

New device inducing blood flow to heart granted US patent
10 August, 2005: A new device which can induce arteries to grow through electric stimulation of heart muscles has been granted patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Diovan approved to treat heart failure in US
5 August, 2005: Novartis has received the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval for Diovan (valsartan) for a new indication to reduce cardiovascular death in patients at high risk

Experts debate benefits of heart implant in US
1 August, 2005: Medical experts has been increasingly debating the costs and benefits of the implantable defibrillator devices. 

Johnson and Johnson demonstrates coronary stent safety
May 24, 2005: Four-year clinical results from the RAVEL trial show sustained clinical benefits with the CYPHER® Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent, data presented at EuroPCR

Cardiac Science-Defibtech lawsuit settled
14th August, 2005: Cardiac Science Inc, a leading manufacturer of life-saving automatic public-access defibrillators (AEDs), has settled its patent infringement lawsuit against Defibtech, L.L.C.

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