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Chemokine gets US patent for novel cancer drug



20 June, 2005: Biotechnology major Chemokine Therapeutics Corporation has received US patent for use of its anti-cancer compound, CTCE-9908. The compound is being designed to address cancer, cardiovascular and other infectious diseases.

"With the issue of the patent (No 6,875,738), we are expanding our proprietary position in peptide-based drug development, a new pharmaceutical drug class with the potential to treat a number of diseases and disorders," Chemokine Therapeutics President and Chief Executive Officer Dr Hassan Salari said.

"I believe we are among the first companies to develop synthetic chemokines that have been shown to be functional in living systems and safe in our initial studies in humans," he said in a statement released to the media.

Inhibition of blood vessel growth to tumours by novel blockade CTCE-9908 represents an exciting new generation of drugs being developed that promise more targeted therapies to treat the underlying cancer while keeping healthy cells intact, the company claimed in the patent request.

It also claims that the compound treats cancer and inhibiting angiogenesis (blood vessel growth) by administration of an antagonist that blocks a chemokine receptor known as CXCR4.

Chemokines are a class of cytokines, a group of soluble proteins, which signal biological responses that play a critical role in the immune system.

Blockage of CXCR4 reduces growth of tumours by reducing blood vessel growth (anti-angiogenesis) that carries vital nutrients to a tumour. The company has completed a Phase I, dose-escalation clinical trial using CTCE-9908 in United Kingdom to assess its safety in healthy volunteers.

The clinical trials exhibited no adverse effects, the company claimed.

Many of these biological signals are necessary for fighting infection, tissue repair and regeneration. Chemokines also play a major role in cancer and autoimmune disorders that contribute to survival and growth of abnormal cells.

Cancer researchers have demonstrated that high CXCR4 expression in cancer cells is correlated to tumour progression, high metastasis rate and low survival rate. 




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