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26 May, 2008

Dabur walk-a-thon on World Asthma day 2008

Stem cells discovered for the first time in the pituitary

Vitamin D protects against peripheral arterial disease

Botox can damage your brain

Pfizer launches Champix in India

Yoga helps prevent falls in women over 60

Sleep well to stay slim

Internet addiction can make you mental

Glaucoma early detection test will help prevent blindness

Black tea helps fight diabetes

Hair loss gene found

Why heart diseases are rising among young people

Why those vitamin supplements are not always good

Physical exercise helps ease depression

Contraceptive pill keeps ovarian cancer at bay

Job stress can lead to heart disease

AIDS drug Intelence approved by FDA

Obese people prone to bad breath

Leukemia vaccine with chemotherapy betters survival

Omega-3 oils lower risk of dementia

Avastin slows down spread of brain tumor

AIDS vaccines may weaken immune system

Nabi develops anti-smoking vaccine

Women walk sexy to throw off undesirable men

Amgen, J&J strengthen anti-anemia drug label warnings

Contraceptive pills increase risk of cervical cancer

Breastfeeding boosts baby’s IQ

DNA of dandruff-causing fungus decoded

Yoga good for heart patients

Sagging breasts not caused by breastfeeding

Frequent TV viewing causes hypertension in kids

Gentle rubbing good for physical, mental maladies

One-third of Americans extremely stressed

US-made red lipsticks have high lead content

Obesity raises risk of various types of cancers

Alcohol raises head and neck cancer risk

Don't mix coffee with paracetamol

Thimerosal vaccines don’t harm brain functions in kids

FDA issues warning over painkiller Fentora

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce Type 1 diabetes risk

Acupuncture best way to treat back pain, finds study

Breath test to monitor blood sugar level in diabetics

GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix vaccine approved in Europe

Too much sleep as harmful as too little

FDA issues parasite warning on Baby’s Bliss gripe water

Carbohydrate-rich food causes fatty liver disease

Merck’s AIDS vaccine fails in Experiment

Honey delays ageing

Chronically lonely? Blame it on gene

Hair-loss drug may help detect prostate tumor

Cholesterol test for kids aged 15 months

Vitamin D helps one live longer

Autism linked to higher testosterone levels in the womb

Contraceptive pills may cut cancer risk for women

Diabetes drug Avandia enhances heart risks, finds study

Side effects of drugs on the rise in US

RFID implants linked to malignant tumor

To cure back pain, keep working

AIDS cases rising in China

Rising early may be bad for health

The right breakfast: whole-grain barley or rye bread

Merck’s anti-HIV drug Isentress gets FDA panel’s nod

Depression is worse than asthma, diabetes or angina

Toys sold in India contain dangerous levels of lead

Neem Active toothpaste tested in New Zealand for bacteria, toxic chemical

Food additives increase hyperactivity in kids

UK allows creation of human-animal hybrid embryos for research

Rapid rise in bipolar disorder among American youth

Adipose gene that makes people thin or obese found

New test drug for schizophrenia sans serious side effects

Anti-hypertensive drugs cut mortality rate in diabetics

Red wine may keep prostate cancer at bay

US unveils new asthma guidelines focusing on prevention, monitoring

Stomach surgery may cure diabetes

9/11 rescue workers highly susceptible to asthma

UK to display gruesome pictures on packs to discourage smokers

India to have 57 million diabetics by 2025

Obesity leads to female infertility

EU approves Roche’s Avastin for lung cancer

FDA proposes new rules for sunscreens

Weight-loss surgeries reduce risk of early death

Use of painkillers among Americans at all-time high

Fat people tend to pick fat ones as mates

Cold virus may also cause obesity

Loneliness is injurious to health, especially in old age

Gentle stroll not enough, experts advise vigorous exercise

Anti-bacterial soap doesn’t help prevent illness

Diabetes drugs Avandia, Actos to carry stronger heart-failure warning

Are doctors diagnosing too many with depression?

Bones play important role in regulating blood sugar

Anti-diabetes drugs Avandia, Actos harmful to heart

Low vitamin D level may lead to high blood pressure

Obesity can be contagious, finds new study

Diet sodas linked to heart disease

Low cholesterol levels may raise cancer risk

Genetic variants involved in response to HIV identified

KIAA0350 gene triggering juvenile diabetes

Latex diaphragms no defence against HIV

Anti-smoking drug found to help curb alcohol addiction

Pumpkin good for diabetes treatment, finds study

Study says smoking causes accelerated loss of muscle mass

Rashes mean longer survival for cancer patients

RNAi-based drugs to cure 'untreatable’ diseases

Insurance cover for HIV-hit likely

Study proves organic fruits, vegetables good for health

US, Canada issue health warning on fake Chinese toothpastes

Germany, France raise bird flu risk assessment level

Climate change linked to deaths in Asia-Pacific

One out of three Americans has alcohol-related problems, reveals study

Breakthrough in blocking weight gain in stressed people

‘Stone Age’ diet keeps Type 2 diabetes away

An active brain in old age can beat Alzheimer’s

Big breakthrough in battling HIV

Breakthrough in drug therapy for autism

Viral epidemic still plagues Kerala, takes lives each day

India’s AIDS figures not as high as expected

New drug to attack tough fungus

Calcium from natural food better than from dietary supplement

Firstborns have higher IQ than younger siblings?

Study findings give stem cell research a boost

Asia in for biggest rise in Alzheimer’s cases by 2050

Man suffers 'unstoppable' erection, sues Novartis

Global travel of US lawyer with rare TB raises health concerns

DNA-discoverer has his genome mapped

Free HIV drug for Africa from Roche

Ex-drug regulator sentenced to death in China

Preservative in soft drinks linked to cell damage

Drinks in UK to have alcohol health warnings by 2008

Human cases of bird flu in Britain confirmed'

Australia’s healthcare system is racist'

American states take steps against West Nile virus

Cleanliness campaign for 2008 Olympics launched in China


Torisel, the renal cell carcinoma drug, gets FDA approval

China rejects US FDA’s warning on Chinese toothpaste

Ranbaxy gets USFDA approval for anti-allergic drug

Celesentri or Maraviroc, new HIV drug, to get FDA approval

Dog obesity drug from Pfizer Slentrol cleared by FDA



Philippines wants Pfizer’s blood pressure patent cancelled

Brazil breaks Merck’s patent on HIV drug

Drug approval process to get shorter in Japan

Indian HIV vaccine lead promising

Price of oral contraceptives for college students rises sharply in US

Europeans care a damn for lung cancer: Study

South Korea confirms bird flu outbreak







Cognizant signs agreement with AstraZeneca

Viagra at 10 as popular as ever

Britons say no to fad diets

Safer cigarettes possible?

Drug-resistant TB high in former Soviet Union

High salt intake makes kids fat

China's first anti-AIDS campaign launched

Mobile phone use cuts sperm count

Big-breasted girls have higher risk of diabetes

Cancer drug Sutent toxic for heart

C-sections linked to breathing problems in babies

Chemical switch for body’s internal clock identified

Baby’s food choices depend on mother's diet

China develops alternative to vasectomy

Herbal sex pills have hidden dangers

Sexually transmitted diseases up in US

Atkins Diet bad for heart, finds study

Costly treatments no good for back pain

Energy drinks raise blood pressure, lead to heart condition

Why some people are generous

Caffeine cuts disability in very premature babies

Why you shouldn't drink when pregnant

Painkillers reduce risk of Parkinson’s disease

Lack of sleep leads to obesity in kids

Eight diet ideas to avoid cancer

Cervical cancer survivors likely to get other cancers

Brothers at higher heart disease risk than sisters

Wyeth recalls kids' cough & cold drugs

Breast cancer rates in urban China up

Well-educated people ‘mask’ dementia in early stages

ED drugs may cause sudden deafness, warns FDA

AIDS virus origin traced to Haiti

Anti-bleeding drug Trasylol may increase mortality risk

HIV awareness high among Indians

Higher marijuana intake increases pain

Stress wrecks sexual relationships

Sleeplessness causes psychiatric disorders

Starpharma to develop condoms coated with microbicide

Rise in prices of birth control pills hits US campuses hard

Gene-blocking contraceptive on the cards

Why garlic is good for health

Gene-blocking contraceptive on the cards

Kids in farming environment less prone to asthma

Indian AIDS vaccine trials successful

FDA expands age range of bacterial meningitis vaccine

Overeating blamed on genes

Study finds causes of food allergies

Blood test to help detect Alzheimer’s disease developed

Cancer death rates drop in US

Smoking while pregnant cause 90% of cot deaths

Household cleaning sprays, air fresheners cause asthma

FDA okays Taxotere for head and neck cancer

FDA slams illegal cough drugs containing hydrocodone

Virus in stomach causes chronic fatigue

FDA okays osteoporosis drug Evista to reduce breast cancer risk

Routine screening for lung cancer not necessary

Paints used in Indian households have dangerous levels of lead

Cancer deaths higher among less educated in US

Talc, antiperspirants may cause ovarian, breast cancer

Vitamin D deficiency raises preeclampsia risk in pregnant women

College athletes suffer from exercise-induced asthma

Mentally ill getting little or no treatment worldwide

FDA okays Novartis’ Reclast drug for osteoporosis

US okays Pfizer’s new anti-HIV drug Maraviroc

FDA widens recall of products fearing Botulinum contamination

Ranbaxy beats forecasts, records 118% rise in net profit

Erythropoetin copycat may get European nod

Ranbaxy gets conditional nod to sell Norvasc generic pills in US

China plugs in flaws on drug regulation

China takes over world’s antibiotics, enzymes markets

China & India to lead world’s pharma business

Taiwan renews bid to join WHO

Pak aims to be pharma hub

Overseas sales power Ranbaxy’s bottomline

Zydus Cadila acquires Japanese firm

Wockhard Limited: A profile

Cipla Ltd company profile



Diabetes pill harms heart

Fish oil supplements save heart patients

Women in US lag behind men in getting cardiac, diabetic treatment

Those feeling treated unfairly are at high risk of heart disease

Gene that causes heart disease found

New blood test to predict heart ailments



Oral sex with HPV infected can cause cancer

Circumcision reduces HIV AIDS risk in men

WHO launches campaign against medical errors

Epilepsy cure with anti-dandruff shampoos

Long-term study confirms salty diet kills

MedImmune acquistion to bolster AstraZeneca’s drug pipeline

Novartis' Zelnorm recalled in US

Mood lifters no help in bipolar disorder

Most neuro pains go undiagnosed

Malaria resistant mosquito created by scientists

Novartis to launch new hypertension drug Tekturna

Bird flu set for a revisit



Nexavar extends life of liver cancer patients

Chemo sessions affect brain functions

DCA: A boon or bane?

Hundreds of cancer cures in the offing

Dabur launches nano drug to treat cancer

Breast, colon cancer genes unravelled



EU urged to ban 6 food colour linked to hyperactivity in kids

i-pill, emergency contraception pill from Cipla in India

Alcohol raises breast cancer risk

Bird-flu virus can pass from mother to fetus

Teenage girls who take to dieting more likely to start smoking

Smoking ban in all vehicles with kids

Hypertension in kids often goes unnoticed

Drinking coffee may cut colon cancer risk in women

Organic fruit juices too can harm baby teeth

Number of breast-feeding mothers in US at record high

Delay in cutting umbilical cord good for babies

Baby’s eating habits begin in the womb

US warning on giving cough and cold drugs to children under 2

Obesity can keep children away from school

Group therapy doesn’t prolong life of breast cancer patients

Fruit diet does not stop breast cancer return

Sharing problems raises anxiety in teenaged girls

Chinese toys may contain lead that can damage brain

Schoolgirls in Scotland to be vaccinated against cervical cancer

Breast cancer predictions get better

Female reproductive function linked to childhood environment

Plastic bottles are harmful to babies, says report

Cavities in baby teeth, among children, on the rise in US

Play therapy help kids hit by trauma

Fewer women in US go for mammograms

Alcohol increases breast cancer risk

Diet can help women boost low libido

Hormone pill to stop menstruation on way

Breast cancer falls sharply after cutback in hormone pills

Rising health care costs hit women harder than men

Shun beef, pregnant women told

Walking, yoga help easy transition to menopause




Kick the butt with Champix

Cut nicotine levels in cigarettes, FDA told

Anti-smoking vaccine for nicotine addiction

Protect your children from passive smoking



Health care system in US ‘dysfunctional’

Unused drugs cost UK 100 million pounds annually

Doctors get richer as patients turn anemic

US hospitals cheating the uninsured, shows study

Hard drinking more harmful than Ecstacy drug

The environmental and health costs of plastic.

Reiki - Key to empowerment

Marijuana minus toxins harmless way to inhale cannabis

Walking in the countryside lowers depression

Married people live longer than singles, says a new research



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