Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico turns alarming: Photo gallery

Saturday, May 1, 2010, 9:03 by Business Editor

The environmental threat created by the BP’s oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico has increased sharply and the US authorities fear that about five times more oil could be leaking into the water per day.

We have a bunch of photos of the so-called BP Oil Spill collected for you from across the Web.

BP Oil Gulf of Mexico oil spill NASA photo from space

BP Oil Gulf of Mexico oil spill NASA photo from space

Gulf f Mexico oil spill picture

Pic: Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Photo courtesy

Picture of oil spill courtesy: KansasCity.com

The leak followed the explosion of Deepwater Horizon drilling rig on April 20, which is believed to have killed 11 men. Henry A Waxman, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, California, is demanding documents from BP and its drilling contractors to move into investigation.

BP oil spill skimming photo

Photo: A High Volume Offshore Skimming System (VOSS) skims oil from the Gulf of Mexico near Venice, La., April 28, 2010

Another source of the leak has been found in a pipe that connected the rig to the well on the seabed in 5000 feet of water. On Wednesday, BP set fire to some of the oil to try to limit the damage to marine animals and other wildlife.

gulf of mexico oil spill photos

Photo: Cleanup activity in the Gulf of Mexico after oil spill disaster

Photo courtesy Yahoo

It is believed that the leakage could cost the company several hundred million dollars. Apart from the financial loss, it could also affect the reputation of the company.  The company’s failure in stopping the leakage from the underwater well has disappointed the government officials. US President Obama has said that BP would be responsible for funding the cost of response and cleanup operations. The cost of an environmental cleanup will depend largely on how much oil reaches shore. The government could assess fines or other penalties then. Lawyers have already filed many suits on behalf of commercial fisherman, shrimpers and injured oil workers against BP; Transocean; Cameron, the company that manufactured the blowout preventer; and other companies involved in the drilling process.

another gulf of mexico oil spill photo

Photo: The Gulf of Mexico oil spill spreads

Photo courtesy Time.com

About 66000 feet of inflatable oil booms to contain the spill and 50 contractors with experience in operating the equipments, have been sent by the Navy. Despite the accident, BP says it remains committed to its gulf drilling program, which contributes 11 percent of the company’s worldwide production.

BP oil rig fire photo

Photo: BP oil rig on fire after explosion

BP, under John Browne was initially an environment conscious company and wanted to develop alternative energy sources like wind and solar power. But the company started losing its focus on maintenance and safety leading to many accidents that cost the lives of many.

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