Obama spells out bleak future for Indian nurses

Friday, March 6, 2009, 19:55 by Business Editor

The Obama regime seems to be not so rosy for India, going by the way the new regulations are spelt out. The latest is that US President Barack Obama has opposed inviting overseas nurses, including from India, to fill up the current shortfall in the United States.
The US has a major shortage of nurses and according to estimates the country will need over 500,000 nurses in the next seven years. Most of the current positions are ocupied by immigrants from across the world, a majority from India. With shortage of nurses growing acute, America in recent years has allowed medical personnel from India, China and Philippines to immigrate to work in hospitals.

This is where Obama sees a major paradox. According to him the notion that America would have to import nurses makes absolutely no sense. He in fact has suggested that the best possible approach to meet this shortfall is to train people inside the country. He has been quoted as saying that “For people who get fired up about the immigration debate and yet don’t notice that we could be training nurses right here in the United States.”

This could mean bad news for nurses from India who are looking at seeking a career out there in lucrative US. The US Congress has even introduced a legislation, called Nursing Relief Act of 2009, to create a special category of nursing visas, which would facilitate much faster and easier brining of trained nurses from Asian countries like India. According to the proposed law, it would look at making provisions for the new category of visas for registered nurses with an annual limit of 50,000.

As per the legislation, there are more vacant nursing positions in the US than there are qualified registered nurses and nursing school candidates to fill those positions. With Obama going all out to train nurses in his country itself, the thousands of aspiring nurses have started staring at a bleak future.

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