Maharashtra seeks to upgrade Dabhol plant vicinity

20 September, 2007:

The Maharashtra government seems to be on an overdrive even as it has a major task in seeing the prestigious Dabhol power plant up and running. Post-revival of the Dabhol plant, the state government is also planning to revive other projects like hospitals, schools and ITIs in the vicinity, a report quoting Energy Minister Dilip Walse Patil pointed out.

As per the original plan, American energy major Enron was supposed to execute these projects. According to the minister building of facilities like hospital, school and ITI were part of the original plan and supposed to be the responsibility of the American company. However, with Enron going bust and the power plant remaining closed for over five years, these facilities also proved to be a non-starter.

The sate government is drawing up plans try to open the school with the help of the Union Government. The plans are to get the ITI also started and talks with the officials of the state health ministry will also begin to chart out the revival of the hospital. The Ratnagiri Gas and Power Pvt Ltd now oversees the Dabhol power project.

The government also has plans to start a new power project in the vicinity as it considers fuel as a very important consideration while setting up a new power project. Since the new power project, which is only on paper for now, will use imported coal as fuel, it has to be located on the coast, the report added.





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