Larsen and Toubro, Raytheon team up to bid for upgrading T-72 tanks of the Indian Army

Monday, February 22, 2010, 12:16 by Business Editor

Larsen and Toubro (L&T), the major engineering and construction company based in India, has tried up with Raytheon Company, headquartered in the United States and the world’s biggest manufacturer missiles, to bid for upgrading the T-72 tanks of the Indian Army.

According to the joint proposal, Raytheon Company is to provide electronics and infrared imaging sights, which will improve greatly the target-accuracy as well as enhance the overall system lethality of the T-72 tanks on the battlefield, Fritz Treyz, vice-president (India operations) of Raytheon Network Centric Systems, said in a statement.

L&T will make available the sensors and the fire-control system of the T-72 tanks as also execute the final integration, together with customer support, according to M V Kotwal, senior executive vice-president of Larsen and Toubro.

Larsen and Toubro, Kotwal said, is the only company in India in the private sector which leads the tank-upgrading programme and that the combination of L&T and Raytheon Company has the capability to execute a project like upgrading the T-72 tanks.

The T-72 tank, designed by the erstwhile Soviet Union, is a main battle tank (MBT), which entered production in 1971. Both chronologically and in terms of design, the T-72 tank belongs to the same generation of tanks as the M60 series tanks of the United States, the Chieftain tank of Britain, and the Leopard 1 of Germany.

Fritz Treyz, of Raytheon, also announced that Larsen and Toubro and Raytheon Company are exploring other opportunities aimed at providing ‘net-centric’ solutions to modernise defence systems not only in India but also elsewhere in the world.

So far, Raytheon Company has supplied 20,000 thermal sights in over 15 countries.

Raytheon Company – the industry leader in the fields of defence, electronics, space, information technology and technical services – reported sales worth about $25 billion in 2009.

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