Haryana to provide 6,000 rooms for Commonwealth Games

Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 19:02 by Business Editor

When Commonwealth Games 2010 begins, Haryana would offer 6000 hotel rooms for tourists

The Tourism Department of Haryana is readying to provide the best services possible to the foreigners visiting India for the Commonwealth Games 2010, to be held in New Delhi, according to Kumari Selja, Union Minister for Tourism, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation.

She told reporters in Ambala in Haryana that as many as 6,000 rooms are being constructed “on a war-footing” by the various hotel-owners in Haryana. All these rooms will be completed within the stipulated time, she added.

The Minister said that vehicle drivers will be given “behavioural training” on how to “behave decently” with the foreign tourists and others coming to New Delhi for the Commonwealth Games.

The road tax of different states will be collected at one point in order to make it easy for the tourists who would be visiting other states. Later, the road tax so collected will be distributed among the states concerned, Kumari Selja said.

A special campaign is at present under way to promote tourism in the Ambala parliamentary constituency. Holistic schemes, the Minister said, will be drawn up after examining the tourism potential in Ambala, Yamunnagar, and Panchkula.

The Common Wealth Games 2010, according to Kumari Selja, is expected to boost India’s tourism sector considerably. This will be the biggest sports event to be held in India so far.

The Haryana government has already announced that, for the Common Wealth Games 2010, a “bed-and-breakfast scheme” will be implemented in Gurgaon. According to this scheme, house-owners can rent out their premises to tourists.

Rajender Kataria, Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon, said that since it takes a long time to construct a hotel, the Central Government has approved about 25 houses in Gurgaon which could be converted into guesthouses. The registration and other legal process related to these guesthouses have been simplified, and adequate security will be provided to the buildings where the tourists stay.

Because the hotel industry is suffering from a financial crunch and the real estate sector from the downturn, the bed-and-breakfast scheme appears to be the only viable alternative, according to Rajender Kataria. Efforts are being made to make available other services such as conference rooms and restaurants.

Under the bed-and-breakfast scheme, house-owners are allowed to rent out a maximum of 5 rooms, along with complimentary services such as power backup, airconditioning, Wi-Fi, as well as 24X7 security.

The Haryana government will market the bed-and-breakfast facility online.

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