Google Transit for Delhi Metro launched

Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 14:29 by Business Editor

Google India and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) have embarked upon an initiative to provide complete information on the schedules and routes of the Delhi Metro trains, on mobile devices. The services are being offered free of charge.

According to E Sreedharan, managing director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, the novel information service is being offered as a part of Google Transit services.

As for mobile devices, the services will be provided as a part of Google Maps for Mobile, which lets commuters check the latest updates to make route changes “on-the-go,” Sreedharan said.

He explained that the Delhi Metro, in keeping with its vision for a people-centred public transport system, has started many initiatives in order to help the commuters manage their travel time and transfers in a better manner as well as make more informed decisions on transport.

E Sreedharan said that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s collaboration with Google is yet another step aimed at making it easier for the public to plan their travel by using the transit information on Google Maps.

Google Transit is a navigation tool on Google Maps which offers information on train times, location of stations, time taken for travel, ticket fares, and the frequency of service.

As Delhi is preparing for the Commonwealth Games to be held in October 2010, Google Transit will be of help to the large numbers of visitors to the national capital, E Sreedharan said. Apart from this, as new routes will be added to the Delhi Metro network, people from Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida will benefit by accessing information on train routes and train schedules.

In a statement, Manik Gupta, product manager (Google Maps & Local) of Google India, said the aim of Google Transit is to make information on public transport useful and easily accessible. A commuter can, with just a click on a station, will get information on train times, stations, frequency of service, and passing lines.

The new service by Google will benefit the Delhi Metro – which is the favoured public transportation for tens of thousands of commuters every day – by not only attracting new commuters but also by helping the existing commuters to find out new routes. All these services, Manik Gupta added, will be available on computers ands also on mobile phones.

Google already has similar tie-ups on providing information with Kolkata Metro, Hyderabad Metro, and Chennai MRTS.

Each day, about 950,000 commuters use the Delhi Metro, which has a network of around 96 kilometres. It has been planned to extend the Delhi Metro’s network to 190 kilometres by October 2010, ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

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