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Crescent Air Cargo to fly by April

There is a new cargo carrier on the horizon



March 24: When the domestic aviation sector hots up, can cargo carriers be far behind? The South-based Crescent Air Cargo Services Pvt Ltd, a new dedicated cargo airline company, is planning to take off by April-end. The company announced this at a press conference in Chennai on Wednesday.

Backed by three Fokker F50s, Crescent Air Cargo will operate in key domestic sectors like Chennai-Bangalore, Mumbai-Bangalore-Chennai, Chennai-Hyderabad-Chennai and Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai sectors.

Promoted by a small team of entrepreneurs, the Rs 20-crore Crescent Air Cargo also has plans to add two more F50 planes and fly on the Chennai-Colombo and Chennai-Male sectors in May-June, said Captain Deepak Parasuraman, Crescent MD.

"We will be acquiring wide-bodied jets for the international operations within a year", he added.

In the first year of operations, Crescent Air Cargo is targeting a turnover of Rs 100 crore. "We plan to move 20,000 tonnes of cargo through 2,544 flights in the first year", he said. Crescent Air will fly courier cargo by night and high-value and perishable cargo by day.

Crescent Air Cargo is targeting Chinese and West Asian cargo markets and is operating feeder services for international carriers.

The company expects that operating a cargo service from Chennai to Colombo, the air freight for cargoes to European cities would be substantially lower than the freight charges from Mumbai. The company hopes to cash in on this.

Crescent Air Cargo has also tied up with Malaysian Airlines for providing IT assistance on a whole-time basis for flight operations and training of crew. For engineering support, the company has entered into a 'continued airworthiness support agreement', with Fokker Services Asia, Singapore.



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