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British Telecom to hire 6000 for India operations

November 13, 2006

Good news for job hunters. In a bid to spruce up operations in the country, global telecom major British Telecom (BT) is planning to hire an extra 6,000 staff in India. The recruitments would be made over the next two years.

Moreover, BT has also applied for international and national phone licences in India which would allow it to offer services direct to businesses for the first time. Forming a partnership with India’s own Jubilant Enpro the company seeks to in look for opportunities in the ever-expanding market place in the country, said reports. The company has had operations in India for almost 20 years but currently offers services via domestic operators.

The company already employs about 12,000 staff in India, and its plans to hire more is seen as a welcome measure in the telecom horizon.

As and when the licences come and the planned investment happens, BT is expected to be able to provide the globally acclaimed high levels of service in India too. With India being one of the world's fastest growing telecoms markets , it is being estimated that BT could generate generate sales of $250m by year 2009 in the country.


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