Bharat Borge found dead – suicide or murder?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009, 20:08 by Business Editor

Bharat Borge, the technician who found pebbles and mud in the gearbox of Anil Ambani’s helicopter, was found dead.

His body was discovered on the rail tracks between Vile Parle and Andheri early on Tuesday morning. Bharat Borge was run over by a suburban train on way to Churchgate.
The police initially registered it as a case of accidental death. Later, the identity of the person, Bharat Borge was proven, and a letter to the investigating authorities was also found. The letter, purportedly written by Bharat Borge said that he was under mental pressure following the incident, and if anyone found the letter,it should be forwarded to the investigators.

Pebbles and mud in Anil Ambani’s helicopter was discovered last week, when Bharat Borge checked the copter before it was to carry Anil Ambani. The copter is operated and maintained by Air Works. Following the incident, the Anil Ambani group (Reliance ADAG) filed a complaint with the police, charging attempt to murder the company’s billionaire chairman.

The conspiracy angle was being probed by the Mumbai police when the death of Bharat Borge added a twist of conspiracy into the whole story. Bharat Borge, who was witness first, had become a suspect during the course of the investigation. He, along with many other employees of the Air Works, were prohibited from entering the company’s premises following the incident.

The police have still not made any comment about whether Bharat Borge’s death was a case of accident, suicide, or murder.

However, the discovery of his body on tracks just a few days after the Anil Ambani copter sabotage incident is sure to raise conspiracy theories in the days to come.

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