Artin Dynamics to bring green tech to Exnora International initiative

Saturday, November 22, 2008, 17:40 by Business Editor

Taking green awareness to higher technological levels, Artin Dynamics, based out of Kerala, has tied up with Exnora International.

Exnora is a fast growing environmental service organization focusing on mobilizing and empowering communities to participate in preserving nature and preventing environmental degradation.

Exnora has now extended its focus on global warming and is active educating the corporate world on the need to switch of their PCs after use and damages like Carbon footprint generation and CO2 generation caused due to misusing power. This is where Artin Dynamics steps in with its product SPARA. SPARA will be given as a solution to all the corporate to give complete control for the administrator over all the systems and they can shut down their systems after working hours and save electricity as well as reduce the carbon footprints.

With its association with Artin Dynamics, Exnora International now has a weapon to tackle issues contributing to global warming. Exnora recently launched the 99999 lights out campaign in Kerala, where people have been asked to switch off their lights and computers for 9 minutes on September 9, 2009 at 9pm and Artin Dynamics will be supporting this initiative in Kerala. Exnora believes that Artin Dynamics’ SPARA would help in decreasing global warming. The NGO operates in more than 1000 towns and villages through Exnora Innovators Club and in near one lakh streets as Civic Exnora and in several thousands of homes as Home Exnora.

Artin aims at striving to build products that can help protect the environment and conserving non-renewable sources of energy. Artin is expected to be the first company to qualify for the carbon footprint qualification from the international energy council in Kerala.

Artin’s SPARA is an innovative product intended to save power losses accounted by computers. The product is an integrated module which can save energy upto the extent of 40 MW for a company housing 1000 computers per year. The product’s software module uses the most efficient algorithms and its hardware modules increase the efficiency of the system.

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