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Indian - Air India merger opposition increases

Air Corporation Employees term move unilateral.

October 18, 2006

Will they, or won’t they? This had been the question doing the rounds among laymen ever since Air India and Indian thought of being one entity. However, the employees of the Air India and Indian have a definite answer now.

Earlier, the Centre had lined up the merger of the two airlines this fiscal itself . Accenture was named consultant for the deal.

The national carriers’ staffers have made it clear that the merger will have to wait until their 10-point demand charter was not implemented. With this the brains behind the merger and the government are sensing trouble as the employees are gearing up for a stir.

The Air Corporation Employees Union (ACEU) has termed the merger move of the government as unilateral. The Air Corporation Employees Union has reiterated that it would not accept the merger if problems like pay structure, seniority, career progression and other issues, faced by the employees of both airlines were not sorted out first.

The Union went on to say that if the merger remains only up to creating two separate divisions, an International Division and a Domestic Division, there is no point in merging the two airlines.

ACEU office-bearers have come out with a statement which says the Indian staffers of the airlines would strongly oppose the merger if it was carried out without implementing the demands.

According to the Union, the demands include wage revision that has been pending since January 1997, parity between career progression and wages of the two airlines, pension scheme pending since 1994, parity in placement and redeployment of staff, equal opportunity to the workforce, formulation of future policies and rules for wages, incentives, promotions and other matters. The demands also include consultations with ACEU during the merger process and making it part of the decision-making process.


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