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WINNING IN ASIA (Strategies for competing in the new millennium)

By Peter Williamson
Published By: Harvard Business School Press
261 Pages, Hardcover

Over the last two decades, companies doing business in East Asia have enjoyed the biggest boom period in the region’s history – and also suffered years of fallout from the 1997 financial crisis. Now Asia is entering a new phase of growth that will create a competitive landscape unlike anything we’ve seen in the past – and where complacency is not an option.

International business expert Peter Williamson, who has been researching and consulting with local Asian companies, governments, and multinationals for more than twenty-five years, argues that the changing landscape calls for a new and distinctive breed of Asian company – one the combines the strengths of traditional Asian business heritage with cutting-edge global capabilities. In Winning in Asia, Williamson describes what this Asian hybrid will look like and what local firms must do to build it. He also explores the implications for multinational competitors who will face reinvigorated Asian rivals in an environment that will render their previous success strategies obsolete.

Winning in Asia addresses the major forces driving economic change in the region and outlines five key challenges companies will face as they respond to these new realities:

· Moving from operational productivity to “total productivity”
· Building new capabilities for innovation and differentiation
· Creating powerful new brands that leverage long-standing Asian traditions 
· Coordinating and managing business across geographic borders
· Using mergers and acquisitions to drive industry consolidation

Drawing on a wealth of examples of Asian companies already in the process of this transformation, Williamson reveals the new business models, organizational structures, strategic mind-sets, and management processes that will become the hallmarks of success in the future. Providing unique insights into how these new Asian rivals will compete, Williamson also helps multinationals leverage their strengths to develop potent counterstrategies.

A must-have strategy guide for local Asian firms and multinational operations alike, this book provides a blueprint for competing – and winning – on the new Asian playing field.

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