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Why CRM doesn't work (How to Win by letting Customers Manage the Relationship)

CRM was the big thing 4 years earlier. Then we slowly start hearing less about it, as new buzzwords take its place

By: Frederick Newell
Published By: Kogan Page
Paperback 263 Pages

CRM was supposed to help businesses better understand their customers and increase efficiency. Yet most companies are not getting the return they expected. Is it possible to make your customers happy and, at the same time, improve ROI? Is there a practical, affordable way to get customers to tell you what they really want?

· In Why CRM Doesn’t Work, leading international marketing consultant Frederick Newell explains why it’s time to change the game to CMR (Customer Management of Relationships). CMR allows you to empower customers so they’ll tell you what kind of information they want, what level of services they want to receive, and how they want you to communicate with them – where, when, and how often. It is a bold solution for businesspeople at all levels in all industries who want to stay ahead of the curve in the development of customer loyalty.

Newell shows by lesson and example why the current CRM isn’t working, what needs to change, and how to put the CMR philosophy to work at your company – without additional expense. You’ll read case studies of good and bad relationship marketing from companies as diverse as Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Budweiser, Charles Schwab, Dell, IBM, Lands’ End, Sports Authority, Radio Shack, and Staples.

With this book, you can build long-term relationships and bring in profits instead of relying on one-time sales. Why CRM Doesn’t Work is important reading for companies of every size that are trying to satisfy and sell to today’s consumer.

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