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POCKET BOOK POWER (How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today’s Most Coveted Consumers -- Women)

By: Bernice Kanner
Published by: McGraw Hill
211 Pages, Hardcover

Not too long ago, legendary adman David Ogilvy chided his peers for talking down to women. He berated those who ignored women or discounted them, misconstruing men’s higher paychecks to mean greater spending clout. And he was right. According to the Bureau of /economic Analysis, women-who comprise just over 51 percent of the U.S population, making them the largest consumer segment in the country – control six trillion dollars in buying power annually. Statistics show that women make 88 percent of all U.S. retail purchases. Some experts even predict that, by 2020, women will control most of the money in America.

Now noted marketing expert Bernice Kanner takes an eye-opening look at the way female spending power has forever changed the advertising/marketing landscape. Pocketbook Power reveals how industry professionals are responding to the female-dominated market place, marrying compelling demographic and statistical information with tales of canny approaches to product development and positioning, and of marketing prowess.

As the roles and attitudes of women evolve, they’re creating extraordinary opportunities for savvy marketers who can come up with new ways to reach them. Kanner provides a detailed road map for selling to women, highlighting a myriad of approaches and techniques organized around different market segments, from health and apparel to finance and technology. Featured here are dozens of examples of advertising campaigns that have both soared and bombed –from American Express’s successful “interesting Lives” campaign, which featured ads that “ eavesdropped” on real-life situations (and clicked with women), to General Motors’s Cartera commercials, which offended the very target they were trying to woo (hint: don’t call a woman a “princess” and dress her in a black leather miniskirt and thigh-high boots).

Complete with expert advice on branding, subliminal advertising, and looking toward future trends, Pocketbook Power is a must –read for advertising and marketing professionals who are determined to reach the hearts, minds – and ultimately, the wallets – of today’s most coveted consumers.

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