Wednesday, November 15, 2006
posted by Matt at Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Recently while walking along some decent park near the Baha'i temple in New Delhi, Tripathiji started talking about pets. Now he talks about it more on his blog here.

I am a dog lover without a dog. But I just can't bring myself to have a dog in the house. Because this is a city, and I have seen how a real dog should live.

My dad's uncle's house back in my village in Kerala - they had an alsatian Jimmy. Tough, quite and low growl and a booming rare bark - that was Jimmy. He would walk around the courtyard, would bark that low booming bark and visitors would stop in their tracks till someone from the house would escort them in, would accompany me to my house nearby on his on choice... must have been a funny sight, scrawny boy barechested and in shorts and no chappals, and big huge serious alsatian walking along...

And my own loyal mongrel Tiger. He was chained up most of the time, but when he was let loose, he was a hurricane. Crashing through bushes and plants and skidding around corners...

That is how they are supposed to live. Run around, scare a few visitors, chase everything that goes around, scare and get scared, bark and howl in the night, go out and pee when they want.

In a flat, dogs turn psycho. They have to be disciplined, have to request you to take them out so they can crap, can't bark without disturbing neighbours and no place to run around... they become wimpy, needy creatures which no outlet for their energy and ferociousness. And when you leave the house and go somewhere, they turn into mental wrecks.

So I will live without a dog. At least till I have my own house and the dog need not be chained and disciplined and hushed all the time. Two great dogs from my days in Kerala keep me company in my mind anyway. Me the commander, they my captains, and we the invincible army. Woof! BowWow! Here we come!