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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa at Monaco F1 2007: barely savlaging Ferrari pride
Felipe Massa did a good job for the Ferrari team at Monaco F1 alright today - but nothing great. The other Ferrari car, of teammate Kimi Raikkonen, was in even worse shape.

Felipe Massa managed to bang in a respectable third place on the famous Monaco streets. But his top speeds were nowhere near the speeds achieved by his competitors in the silver MCLaren Mercedes F1 cars. In fact, after the first corner, Felipe never even seriously managed to hassle rookie McLaren F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, who steadily vanished into the distance hot on the tail of Fernando Alonso. But one has to admit that his was a clean race, at least.

Clean is the word to describe Kimi Raikkonen's race too - except that he only managed a single point by finishing 8th at Monaco. Considering that Kimi was starting from 16 th on the grid, that is respectable. But Kimi Raikkonen wasted a hell of a long time on the tail of cars much slower than him, and there was nothing he could do about it. Kimi Raikkonen and his engineers had relied on a one-stop strategy at Monaco, but in the end even that came to naught. Kimi probably was a little psyched by his encounter with Aramco during the second qualifying.

Another reason for both the Ferrari drivers' poor performance (relatively, of course) at Monaco Grand Prix 2007 could be their wheelbase. The longer wheelbase of the Ferraris, which had come to their aid during the Formula One races so far in 2007 probably did not help much during the twists and turns of Monaco / Monte Carlo.

That is the initial update after the 2007 Monaco Grand Prix!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Kimi Raikkonen needs Ferrari formula one car built like a tank!
We are not saying this -- a former McLaren Mercedes engine expert is saying it.

Why so? Seems the quiet brooding Finn is a hard driver - and he bangs the car about a lot, and things can easily break and fall off! Fernando Alonso too is known to be quite the same, by the way. Mario Ellen, the ex-McLaren guy, says Ferrari has a tough job to build a car like that.
"No one drives the machine harder, no one bangs it so hard lap after lap into the kerb," the Swiss, who left Formula One in 2005 and now has an Ilmor MotoGP team, told Sport Bild on Thursday.

"Ferrari will have to build Kimi a tank if they want to win the title with him."

Probably. Even with a McLaren F1 that was obviously slower than its competition last year, Kimi still maintained his reputation as the fastest driver on the track. And if one looks back at 2005, remember how blazingly fast Raikkonen was, how fast the car was, and how predictably it used to fall apart everytime it looked like Raikkonen is going to catch up to Alonso?

Meanwhile, barbs are flying between McLaren, Kimi's former team, and the Finn. While LcLaren boss Whitmarsh said that Kimi would have to change his style at Ferrari, and Kimi shot back that whatever the style, it was a slow car which screwed his chances last yeat, and it had nothing to do with his driving style!

In other news, Giancarlo Fisichella is doing a good job testing the Renault R27, setting the pace with a best time of 1:20.193 at Jerez. This is his first chance too, to be out of the shadow of the double Formula One world champion Alonso for the first time and show the stuff that he is made of. If he doesn't do it for Renault this year - the way he had that magnificent win in Australia in F1 2006 - it will be a matter of time before he joins the ranks of the F1 drivers who are never considered potential winners.

Update: Now Illien says he did not say anything of the sort, and that he has not spoken to anyone about such stuff in a month. Guess that was overnethusiastic reporting by someone.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Ferrari F2007 launch update and photo gallery of the F1 challenger

All that Ferrari secrecy for nothing? Made me write one entire post and its completely wasted now!

Anyway, the F2007 will be Ferrari's challenger for the 2007 Formula One season. The car was unveiled, no press photographers were allowed in so obviously no press photos, and we have all got just the official stock photos of the F2007. So here they are for your viewing pleasure.

I of course hate these pictures. Somehow the pictures look very unflattering to me. Can't Ferrari hire a better photographer?

I hope more pictures of the Ferrari F2007 are released soon. I shall add the technical details to this page in a little while. Unless you are a hardcore F1 techie, I doubt if the specific technical specifications of the F2007 will be of any use for us. I shall scour the net for what the pundits are going to come out with.

If you are a Ferrari Fan, I suggest you scroll down to the Ferrari label at the bottom and bookmark it so you can follow our coverage of the Ferrari F1 2007 campaign, and track the fortunes of Felippe Massa as well as my personal superstar Kimi Raikkonen.

Nw heres the picture gallery for you below. God I wish the photos had a bit more life in them.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Ferrari's 2007 F1 car launch - why all the secrecy?
We start the F1 blog with some speculation on the team that ended 2007 the strongest - Scuderia Ferrari.

This is the week when all the car launches for 2007 explode on us. There are going to be F1 car first looks, testing news, analysts's opinions, photo galleries - the works. The second car to be launched will be Ferrari's F1 2007 challenger. Only problem is, there may be no car on display.

What the...?

Yes, a Ferrari spokesman said that the launch will happen, but there is no guarantee that the Ferrari F1 2007 car will be there. How do you have a F1 launch without the formula one car that the drivers are gonna drive? Usually, we would get to see them and the entire management and the engineering team grinning inanely around a gleaming formula one car. The interesting thing is, the spokesman did not say that the car will not be there either. Basically, he wants all of us to go a little mad.

Anyway, speculation among Ferrari-watchers is that the 2007 F1 Ferrari will have a completely stunning bodywork, and that it is still not complete. Hence, the confusion. For all you know, there will be a Ferrari F1 car there, but the final car that will make it for the final testing might be different. So we may get to see a new Ferrari F1 car alright at the 2007 launch at Maranello, and we may see the same car running around Fiorano tracks, and the car that debuts on the race day will have a complete bodywork overhaul.

That is one way of looking at it.

Or you may just get to see a few stock photographs from Ferrari. The participants and invitees at the launch will see the 2007 car, but no photographers are allowed in, and so we will see no photos either.

That's it for now. We shall keep you posted on more F1 news daily.

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