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Monday, May 21, 2007
Approaching a woman: How things change between now and then, here and there
From gulping to grinding

Those days:

You would walk up, on wobbly knees, to that sweet thing over there. The motivating powers include 1) hormones, 2) potential humiliation by friends and 3) 'love'. And then you will GULP. "Hi.. err.." and fumble and gulp, till somehow you manage to get a few words out of your throat, not making any sense and thoroughly confusing the poor girl. And then you almost run frantically back, hoping that despite the mess and drool, you have at least managed to strike the girl as cute.

I know one character: Toughie, roughie, but a romantic at heart, David. At some Church youth club moments, he started feeling the palpitations; there was a dance, there was a sexy babe, and yes, he wanted to dance with her. (This happened in Delhi, the city where the poshest looking people talk in happy Punjabi, unlike in Bombay where people abuse in Angrezi when someone thrusts their sweaty armpits in your face in a local train. Anyway, back to David) So he approached and asked her, "Nachegi Kya?"

Needless to say, the dance never happened.

Such are the perils of approaching girls, women and trying to "make friendship."

I know things are different now, and I am a dowdy fuddy duddy with the way things operate now. Once in a while, listening to some teen talk about his or her love life makes me jump out of my skin. I suppose the DPS MMS was the harbinger (what the hell does it mean?) of many changes. Many shocks to my system are on the way; and I would advise everyone to prepare for amazing revelations from their children in the days to come!

But today I came across something that is even more interesting. Any of you seen MTV Grind? I suppose you are sorta familiar with the grind, and some of you can even grind well. Anyway, it seems that a study of some 143 women somewhere near Queen's University, Kingston was conducted. And they said most men introduce themselves to the women by grinding against them, from behind. "84% of the women in the survey say this is how they have personally experienced new men introducing themselves." And "about 30% said "grinding" is an acceptable way to pick someone up."


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