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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Vidzapper, Internet TV directory, launched
Vidzapper, a new Internet TV directory, was launched on Saturday, 3 February, 2007.

It provides a single interface for the best of the many new online TV channels available on the internet - ranging from traditional channels such as CBS and BBC to niche channels such as Veg TV and Single Malt TV.

The new TV directory helps one find the best video services on the internet in one place.

According to a Vidzapper release, all channels are pre-vetted by the Vidzapper team and only those offering the best video services are included.

Currently only free channels and video services in English are listed on the Vidzapper, but it is planned to add a directory of download, pay-per-view services and international online TV channels later.

The portal also features help and advice on watching internet TV, forums to discuss channels and an area where users can upload their own videos.

"There are a lot of video available on the internet," says Vidzapper representative Ian Poole, "but it's difficult to find and to navigate and not all of it's so great. At Vidzapper, we aim to sort out the best content for our viewers."

"We also provide advice on how to watch internet TV on your television and how to record streaming programmes," according to Poole.

A channel search function enables viewers to search for specific channels and content or they can browse channels from a variety of categories.

The service will publish the top ten channels on its service weekly to track the popularity of the new breed of TV channels available on the internet.


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