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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Obscene and objectionable shows on Indian TV channels: After axing AXN, Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi angry at more `indecent' TV channels
After banning the entertainment channel AXN for showing "indecent content," the Government of India is likely to ban more channels.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi has said he has listed several other channels with "obscene" and "objectionable" content.

Dasmunshi said he plans to implement the Cable Act and take stringent measures to enforce time scheduling for TV channels and that programmes with adult scenes showing women wearing "objectionable" clothes would be scheduled for late-night viewing.

Channels which do not adhere to the moral code would see "tough days ahead," Dasmunshi warned.

He, however, refused to name the channels on the Information and Broadcasting Ministry's watchlist.

However, Fashion TV and SS Music are believed to be among the lot that are facing ban.

"I do not want to name these channels but there are some of them which are testing our patience. I will speak to them, but if they do not relent, appropriate action will be taken," Dasmunshi said.

In January 2007, the Government of India had banned the telecast of AXN channel till March 15 for showing a programme titled World's Sexiest Commercials as it violated the programme code for cable television.

If at all channels have to show programmes which are best suited for adults, they should show it between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., Dasmunshi said.

Two years ago, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, then headed by Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sushma Swaraj, had made Fashion TV tailor its programmes to suit Indian sensibilities.

Dasmunshi dismissed allegations of "moral policing," saying only that one out of 290 channels has been banned.

The proposed Broadcast Bill and the content code are expected to address comprehensively issues related to programming and advertisements. Issues related to sting journalism will also be dealt with by the Bill.

The Minister stressed that the Bill would be introduced in 2007 itself.


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