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Monday, January 08, 2007
Sonia visits Nithari, lambasts UP Govt on law and order
Criticising severely the Mulayam Singh Yadav Government in Uttar Pradesh for the poor law and order situation in the State, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said on Saturday that the Chief Minister sought a CBI inquiry into the Nithari killings only after pressure mounted from her party.

Sonia Gandhi, who visited Nithari early on Saturday, launched a stinging attack on the Samajwadi Party Government for the “absence of law and order in the State.”

“There is no law and order. You can see for yourselves the situation. Something or the other is happening everyday,” she said.

The UPA chairperson said the Mulayam Singh Yadav Government had initially refused to order a CBI inquiry into the “cruel and heinous killings” of at least 17 children and women in Nithari allegedly by businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surender Koli.

However, the Congress chief did not reply to questions on imposing President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh.The Congress had on Friday said that it would not make any formal demand for imposition of President’s rule in the State as it was focussing on a “huge human problem.”

Sonia Gandhi reached the hamlet of Nithari on Saturday morning and met about 15 families of the victims as well as village elders besides inspecting the areas adjacent to the infamous D-5, Sector 31, residence of main suspect Moninder, including the drain from where the skeletons were found.

She spent about 30 minutes with the relatives of the victims and inquired them about the entire incident. The families, most of them relatives of migrant labourers, complained to her about the Uttar Pradesh Government’s callous handling of the case.

Asked why she was visiting the village over a week after the incident first came to light, Sonia Gandhi said: “We had sent the PCC president (Salman Khursheed) and the Minister of State for Home (Sri Prakash Jaiswal) from Delhi. Now I am here.”

The Congress president was accompanied by AICC general secretary Ashok Gehlot.

Interestingly, Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has so far not visited the nondescript village of Nithari, which has suddenly shot into national attention.

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