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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Nissan Pino, Nissan's mini car is here - photo gallery, price and details

Nissan has launched Nissan Pino, a mini car on the lines of Nissan Otti, Nissan Moco and Nissan Clipper. An easy to drive and fuel-efficient everyday small car, the Nissan Pino will be initially available only in Japan. Later, the company may roll out Pino in other countries as well.

A very practical and neat-looking mini-car, the 650-cc Nissan Pino will be available in different variants with manual and automatic transmissions, as well as in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive versions. The car has a very small turning radius of 4.1 metres compared to cars in its category. Nissan claims that the Pino has easy ingress and egress, and is designed as a 24X7, 365-day car.

With milky caramel coloured interiors, the Nissan Pino uses exclusive upholstery inside. The Nissan Pino is supplied by Suzuki as an OEM partner. The Pino has an average fuel efficiency of 21 kmpl of petrol for the two-wheel drive, 3-speed version. It has a flat luggage floor for convenience. There is no diesel Pino yet. In Japan, small cars like the Pino and its peers are eligible for several tax concessions, which may make the car attractive to price-conscious buyers.

The Nissan Pino has an anterior end with the signature Nissan grille design. This is the same grille design which also goes into the Nissan Moco and Nissan Otti. While the headlamps are sharp and clear-cut, the turn signals are round and stylish. In the rear, the Pino has clean lines running from the roof to the bumper, giving it an elegant look.

The Nissan Pino is powered by an inline three-cylinder DOHC 12-valve K6A engine. The Nissan Pino E and Nissan Pino E4 models have electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission, sporting optimized gear ratios. Nissan claims that the Pino is fitted with a hill ascent/descent shift control function, which will prevent unnecessary gear shifts. This, says Nissan, is based on the vehicle speed and amount of accelerator pedal depression. The Pino also has S and S-4 models, which have five-speed manual transmission.

The Pino comes shod with 155/65R13 73S tires. It is available in nine colours, including the popular Lime Green Metallic color.

The Pino's driver's seat slides front and back 240 mm. It is 16-way adjustable for maximum driver and passenger comfort. Nissan Pino has rear seats which can be folded for maximum luggage area. The E and E FOUR models have 50/50 split folding rear seat, which can be rearranged to take more luggage.

The Nissan Pino also sports what its maker calls the "green interior". The company says that the interior has anti-bacterial surfaces. It also has an interior air filter to ensure the cleanest air inside the Pino.

The mini car sports a clean speedometer, with easy-to-read display. It also has several storage spaces and compartments. The Nissan Pino E and E FOUR models have their side ventilators, shift knob button and inside door handles adorned with a silver finish, giving a refined look. The Pino has a factory-fitted audio system, including a radio and an integrated CD player, speakers and a digital clock.

Nissan says that in the four-wheel drive models of the Pino, the car is fitted with a system which automatically distributes driving force to all wheels depending on the road condition and the car's speed. SRS air bags for driver and front passenger are standard in the Nissan Pino.
Nissan Pino has a lightweight, impact-absorbing body. The car also sports an advanced brake system of Electronic Braking Force Distribution (EBD), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Brake Assist (BA). All models of Pino are certified to be ultra low-emission vehicles. The Pino's emission rates are far below what is required by law in Japan, says Nissan.

Nissan is planning to sell at least 2,500 units of Pino every month. In Japan, the price will range from 861,000 yen to 1,151,850 yen, including consumption tax. In Indian rupees, this will be equal to Rs 312,427 - Rs 417,967.

Meanwhile, Nissan is believed to be ready to roll out a small car for India from its planned India plant. The car may be co-developed with partner Renault. This may be launched in India as a B-segment hatchback. In India too, small cars are eligible for several duty benefits. Nissan is also believed to be developing a small car for emerging markets like India and Brazil. There have been recent reports that the car may be made in India and exported to the world's car markets.


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