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Friday, January 19, 2007
New Delhi DishTV dealer admits to not picking up phone
This is what, the fourth instalment of my adventures with DishTV? For the earlier instalments, go here or click on the DTH label at the bottom of this post.

Okay, so I called up DishTV customer service to complain about CNN-IBN not being shown. The voice menu thingy did not allow me to enter in my VC card number - so I opted for talking to a customer service executive, who came online pretty quickly.

What he told me was, my DishTV service is not activated yet. Yes, I am getting a lot of channels, but they seem to be some kind of preview, not the real thing. And why is that so? Because DishTV has not received the forms from my dealer. Wow.

Then, yesterday, my wife went to the dealer. He admitted the forms have not been sent. He was like, why do you bother, with or without the forms, you will get the service activated anyway. So why was all his 4 telephone numbers just ringing? Initially he said that the phones were out of order, bla blah, and then admitted that it is because customers keep calling up and complaining. Such honesty.

This, all you nice people will agree, is as good a time as any to reveal the name of the dealer. Dear people, it is Mr Amit Dua of Dolphin Gold Service, Green Park market, New Delhi.

This does not mean that the guy is at fault for not getting my DishTV service activated. Maybe the men who came to my place to install the dish and set-top box are not his employees. Maybe they have not bothered to give him the filled out forms. I don't know. But the man admitted to not picking up 4 separate phones for fear of customers. Something, definitely, is rotten in Subash Chandra's company.

Today, I shall call up DishTV again and file something like a formal complaint. Without formal activation of services, DIshTV is under no obligation to answer my questions on why a channel is not available, why can't I do this or that etc.

The more problems that arise, the more interesting blogging gets. I am sure this long term blogging of my DishTV experience will help many take a decision. Mind you, I am totally sceptical of TataSky too - and will try to get someone to install TataSky and take us thtough his adventures too.

Click on the DTH label below this post to read all the posts on my DishTV experience.


posted by a correspondent @ 11:24 PM  
  • At 11:28 AM, February 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is 100% right, I am also frustrated with DTH, many times i thought it was a great mistake of my life done by me to buy a DTH at my home, it was 1 month back i bought it but i m fully dissatisfy with it, it is daily disconnected and there is no response from customer care center of Noide i m leaving in Delhi.

  • At 3:42 AM, August 08, 2007, Blogger umesh said…

    SIR ,
    I have recently received your mobile message from no 6161616161 stating that [your dish tv connection will expire in the next 7 days on 3/08/2007, please pay your renewal charges immediately to prevent discontinuation of dishtv services ]

    Now please note my complaint that I have been repeatedly calling on your toll free no 1860 180 3474 for clarification but to my dismay no body is answering my question they just give me the complaint no and vanish also no senior person is attending my call they just transfer and forget the senior never speaks even after holding the phone for 43 minitues where should I complain
    I have already paid my subscription for Rs 2000 in april 2007 vide

    PAYMENT ORDER 175497067 PAYMENT ORDER 175497257
    AMOUNT ;-1000 AMOUNT ;-1000

    How can it get over in 4 months ,
    My pack in MAXI MARATHI
    Secondly iam not GETTING MY DETAILS OF BILL SINCE INCEPTION how you calculate the charges so iam in confusion how much iam paying
    the details of my complaints nos is as follows
    Please solve this problem immediately , and please communicate me through written document urgently
    This is mr chandras most rotten useless customer services and they are just cheating people so please do not fall prey for the service think 100 times today iam disconnected why?whose fault mr chandra

    Yours truly,
    Umesh jagtap

  • At 1:03 AM, May 28, 2008, Blogger DFC said…

    No wonder why I do not see many Dish TV connections in my area.
    Unfortunately my dad went for it thru big bazaar and now he is repenting for it.

    To write in short features of Dish TV:
    1) Lethargic approach
    2) Officials do not know their job profiles. As a result queiries are unanswered.
    3) The phone lines keep ringing or keep disconnecting while transfering by the operators.
    4) Officials are very good at slamming the phones on the face of customers even when the conversation is not over.
    5)There is nobody like a senior or responsible person who can hear the grievance of the customer.
    6)Customers are expected to pay their subscriptions at the Dish TV offices at whichwever corner of the city. There is no such thing like providing service of home pick up.

    Till now our account has not been activated and neither has anybody bothered to call or check or respond to our calls.




  • At 8:40 PM, June 23, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My experience is much the same. My renewal is due. A fresh buyer is advertised to get connection for 18 months period for Rs. 3999/-. For renewals, it is 500/- p.m. I was paying 350/- p.m. as per the deductions from the total amount paid. One cannot be sure of anything; they have to guess as I am doing above.

    Customer care response is like what others are saying. No one says anything correctly. It is frustrating for a private service agency. One could expect this from government agencies before.

  • At 2:58 AM, July 18, 2008, Blogger Kish@amencorner said…

    Hi Guys,

    DishTV service is the worst service I have ever seen in Bangalore. In spite of calling the customer care & telling that the connection between the setup box & the cable wire is cut off also they will ask several Questions. They will say " Sir sorry Sir, sorry for keeping u on hold. Are you in front of TV setup box. What is the error it's giving Sir. that problem will be because there is not proper signal sir." & all those crap. I have already said the problem is physical. still that guys wont under stand. I guess they are trained like this. they give us 24 -48hrs of time & atleast by this time nobody turns up. Ok That is fine but not even after one week they turn up. Again after the 48hrs if we call up. they will ask for another 48hrs.

    If we ask them the local support contact details, that also the call centre guys dont know, Idiots. I blame the management team. DishTV is the worst customer support in Bangalore & chennai that I have experienced.

    GUYS, Before going for DISHTV & its SETUPBOX please think twice thrice....or google on any compliants on their service etc. While buying they will tell lots of good goody things. & Shahrukh spoils his name for giving an add for this DISHTV.



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