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Monday, January 15, 2007
Low-budget vehicles are on top of Nissan Motor Co’s priority list.
The automaker is on the route to developing low-budget vehicles. The targeted market places are the fast-growing marts in ordemerging economies, according to reports.

Media reports that quoted the Nissan top brass aid that creating an affordable car through alliance with its French partner Renault SA is one possibility. It may be pointed out here that Renault had unveiled the no-frills Logan sedan in 2004 for emerging countries and ended up selling 400,000 units in 51 nations.

With such a track record existing in the name of its partner, Nissan has been studying to develop its own version of such vehicles for fast-growing consumers in India, Russia and other emerging economies.

Though no details of the soon to come vehicle are available, it is being said that Nissan's move comes as its competitors are also gearing to develop their own affordable models for the developing countries.

Signifcantly, Mitsubishi Motors Corp is considering an assembly plant in Russia as a business option in accordance with growing sales in the country. The Rusian media had reported that Mitsubishi is finalizing a plan to produce midsize sedan as early as 2010, possibly in St. Petersburg, through a joint venture with French carmaker PSA Peugeot-Citroen.

It may be noted here that the world's biggest automaker, General Motors Corp had in Octtober called off discussions with Nissan and Renault on a possible three-way alliance. Nissan’s alliance with Renault has a combined annual output of roughly 6 million vehicles, together making them the world's No. 4 automaker.


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