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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Fernando Alonso fastest at Valencia, Kimi Raikkonen improves
Testing at Valencia in Spain is going on now. On the second day of testing, Fernando Alonso in the McLaren MP4-22 was still the fastest man on the track. A tad slower than day 1, but still the fastest. F1 rookie and teammate Lewis Hamilton was nowhere around.

Okay, Alonso managed to clout Ferrari's test driver Luca Badoer from behind and push him in to the grass. No serious harm done to anyone. Alonso's car developed some problems, but whatever they were, they were minor.

If you think we are being pretty vague about everything, that is because there is no real interesting bits of info coming from Valencia right now. On top of that, it has been raining, and testing has been a stop and start affair for the F1 teams at Valencia.

Other interesting bits are from the Renault R27 drivers. Giancarlo Fisichella and his rookie teammate Heikki Kovalainen. The Renault R27 did not perform badly, despite suspicions in the paddock and hype around Fernando, Lewis and Kimi. Fisichella managed to bang in a quick second fastest time in the R27 F1 car right behind Alonso's McLaren MP$-22. And Heikki Kovalainen followed with a decent third fastest time right behind him.

Fourth fastest time was recorded by 'the fastest F1 driver' Kimi Raikkonen in his Ferrari F2007, in his second ever outing. That is decent enough, we think, and Kimi Raikkonen himself was totally not bothered about the faster times set by Fernando Alonso and the Renault drivers. He said that the weather was not bad, he has not managed to put in as many as laps as he wanted, and that he is still getting used to the F2007. Fair enough.

Do click or bookmark the Formula One link below to read more news reports. Right now the reports are sparse, but that is because these initial testing numbers are pretty much of no real use. Do come back!


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