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Thursday, January 18, 2007
DishTV preview working - activation soon
I checked the DishTV services around 10 PM today - that's the day when the dish was installed on my rooftop. It was working! Initially I thought it was the full thing - all channels and whatnot. It turned out to be the preview, when I called up Customer Service, they said that they have not yet received the data from the dealer. No matter, I shall wait.

The interesting thing is the picture quality. My ancient AKAI seems to have been reincarnated! The picture quality is uniformly good on most channels I checked, and Bigg Boss, of which I was a regular watcher before CAS struck, looks much better with more details in the shadows and better skintones. The programme, though, has become a big bore.

DishTV has some games built in - everything looked boring, except for the racing game. Once I started it, it looked cheapo too. I mean ultra cheapo.

The Dish Interactive (I think that's what its called), was useful so you can browse through the headlines (in text) and choose channels from a pile of windows etc. Nothing overly exciting there, but seeing stuff from 8 channels on one screen gives you that cool high tech feeling.

What do I not like? The channels take a bit of time to change - less than a second - but its perceptible and irritating. The other is the remote -- useful alright, but it has to be pointed in the general direction of the set top box - point it at the TV and it may or may not work.

The radio channels are cute - some of them are channels I have not listened to since 10th in school. I even managed to hear a bit when the Malayalam radio channel announced her presence - one Sushama - after whom I think my dad named my sister. Or maybe it was another Sushama.

Will keep this updated as I learn more about the set top box, its functionalities, DishTV customer care and services.

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