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Thursday, January 18, 2007
DishTV installation goes all fine
Immediately after I wrote the last post, there was a phone call from DishTV customer care asking me if everything is okay. I told the girl that nobody had come so far to install the dish and set-top box - and she said she would talk to the local dealer of DishTV in Green Park Market, New delhi from where I had bought the box.

Minutes after that, the door bell rang and it was the DishTV men. One looked all around the terrace and expressed doubts about the location and direct line of sight to the satellite etc. The other took a quick leak, and went about his job. In some 30-40 minutes, they had installed the satellite dish.

The dish is installed on the roof, so I could not check the signal strength. However, the men told me that its at 70-85 % -- which according to them is quite good.

They asked for some ID proof. I had to run down and get a photocopy of the PAN card. So if you are going to get DishTV, better you keep proof of identification handy.

I got some extra cable to be on the safe side if I need to move the TV around. That cost some rs 150 approx. It came to a total of Rs 650. No cheating involved, I think.

Anyway I noticed the first problem straightaway. The DishTV remote can adjust the volume alright, but it is constrained by the prior volume of the TV. So if the TV volume is already low, the maximum volume you get with the DishTV remote too will be low. And if I raise the TV volume to the max so the DishTV remote can adjust it the way it wants, my TV makes an annoying hissing sound from the speakers. I guess some middle ground has to be found for the volume settings.

DishTV activation is going to take more time. The girl on the phone told me it could be 24 to 48 hours -- 48 hours?! WTF. I will crib online till if anyone searches for DishTV in google, my crib pages would be the first to come up!

Anyway so now I have the free channels - pretty much what I had pre-DishTV. There are quite a few radio channels in decent sound quality. And the picture quality, even on my ancient AKAI, is quite decent. To really see the difference, I will have to go in for an LCD TV or something mroe modern than the junk I have now. So see you tomorrow with the updates on my DishTV experience.

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