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Sunday, January 07, 2007
Bipasha Basu in action gear Reliance ADA’s Zapak
After Salman, who? Reliance ADA has an answer. Bipasha Basu.Riding the wave of success due to its association with Salman Khan, ADA group company Zapak Digital Entertainment, a Reliance ADA group venture company has now tuned itself into associating with Bipasha Basu. Bips would don action costumes for the venture. A new feature called has also been unveiled. .

Reliance ADA feels that at it would be aiding visitors on the website to play out their fantasy, by letting them be or play with their favorite star. A 'Bipasha Basu Zone' on will have games exclusively based on the actor. Bipasha would also contribute by helping the Zapak team conceptualize the games.

The first of the series is an action game, Beach Blaze, which lets gamers step into the shoes of Bipasha Basu, and plunge right ahead into a beachside skating challenge. Posing as Bipasha, gamers get to face hurdles, overcome them, even defend themselves against the bad guys, said reports. Beach Blaze will be launched on February 25.

Meanwhile the new Zapak offering,, promises audio-visual content on just about everything that is gaming. This will likely include game reviews, special reviews, cheat codes, gaming events, gaming countdowns, behind the scenes and celebrity chats, even gaming jockeys. will be interactive, allowing gamers host gaming related video content, as also share thoughts and ideas on games and gaming.


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