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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Indian cricket team selection drama: Now More says Dinesh Mongia is an all rounder!
Here is an excerpt from the latest we have on Indian cricket:

The selection of the Indian team is expected lines, as the newspapers and TV channels have been saying. If fact, lot of things are on expected lines when it comes to the way cricket is run India.

The only ‘surprise’ decision, that of including Dinesh Mongia in the ODI team for Sri Lankan tri-series, was also a bit on expected lines. Kiran More, the selection committee chairman, explained that they intended to make use of him as an all-rounder and that besides his good batting performances, it is his left arm bowling that made them pick him.

In November 2005, the same Kiran More had made a similar announcement; that time the surprise inclusion was that of Sourav Ganguly, who was expected to bow out after Rahul Dravid was made captain. But he was picked and the logic was that the selectors recognised Sourav’s potential as an all-rounder!

The obvious difference was that the board secretary who chaired the meeting along with More was S.K. Nair and this time it is Niranjan Shah. Jagmohan Dalmiya was still ruling the roost at that time and it clearly had a lot to do with Ganguly’s selection. It’s naïve to think that Punjab cricket association chief I.S. Bindra’s clout with the board nowadays did not have anything to do with the selection of the Punjab captain Mongia.

On both occasions, the guy who suffered was Zaheer Khan. When Ganguly was included, Zaheer missed out and now, he again has to sit out despite some good performances in the county circuit. Wonder why More and co didn’t talk about Tendulkar’s all-round abilities?

Not that Mongia is a bad player. He is a competent batsman and has proved good for India on a few occasions....

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
The spirit of Mumbai and the Mumbaikar
Abuse it, beat it, trample it, insult it, do the most dreadful things to it - but there is something about the spirit of Mumbai and the Mumbaikar. Take it all on and live it with the head held high. Come back fighting with no signs of defeat.

And I guess this is the way people will deal with what happened yesterday evening and other incidents starting from March 12, 1993. I have never lived in Mumbai and the longest I have lived here was maybe a few months. But over the last 13/14 years I have always visited it - initially to visit a cousin and then on work and recently as a couple of weeks back. Incidentally my first work related visit was in 1993 a few days after the blasts.

I have always been fascinated and have experienced the never-tiring spirit. I love the city despite the crowds, the chaos, the pollution and the life being led. But I wonder why it was done in the first place. However strong the spirit but the pain caused and felt can be numbing. More so for the people who have lost relatives and friends?

These heinous activities – for whatever cause it is done – causes damage physically to man, to property, but never the spirit.

Because, for me, such activities are done by the most cowardly bastards there are in this world. Do they have the courage to stand up and face the same people they killed? My answer is NO!

I think the world, and especially America should take note of this. They make such huge non-issues out of such incidents, had the same occurred in their countries? But they turn a blind eye towards what happens in India - especially in Kashmir. Aren’t these caused by terrorists? Wonder what would happen if America was hit with such frequency as in Kashmir.

Mumbai and the Mumbaikar, the people of India are with you. Go on, let's show the world what we are made of. The spirit of Mumbai shall never bow.

Jitendranath Patri

(The author is a regular reader of and is a first time contributor)
posted by a correspondent @ 12:42 AM   3 comments  
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Mumbai train blasts helpline, phone numbers and blogs
For those of you who are looking to contact their near and dear ones in Mumbai after the blasts and can't get through:

Visit this blog, scroll to the bottom and click on Post a Comment, and leave the details of the person yu are trying to contact - their phone numbers, your relationship with them, how they can get back in touch with you, your name and numbers, details, email etc. There are several bloggers who are watching that page and will get in touch them for you, and post replies and information. Keep refreshing the page to see updates posted.

You can also go to this page, click on edit this page button, and leave the information in the format mentioned.
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Mumbai blasts: seven blasts in WR trains, 150 believed killed
Here is the latest news from all the websites that I could find:

List of injured courtesy IBN caution: MS Excel file


8 blasts rock Mumbai, 140 dead, 300 injured

Series of blasts on Western Railway trains; 150 killed

Confusion over exact number of blasts

Slideshow: images from the train blast scenes

Rediff coverage:

'Don't show dead bodies on TV'

Serial blasts halt Mumbai's Western Railway

Mid Day:

137 dead, 230 injured in Mumbai train blasts

NDTV: Coverage of the train blasts:

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Mumbai blasts: Seven blasts in Bombay's western railway trains
60 people dead.

WR trains are not running. SMS and phone calls are not getting through.
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