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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Fourth typhoon leaves Philippines numb
Four typhoon attacks in three months! Nature’s fury is making Philippines duck for cover. Northern Philippines witnessed widespread damage as Typhoon Durian rammed into region on Thursday leaving thousands stranded. However, the weather offices have said the typhoon may skip capital Manila.

With the storm gushing in, Catanduanes, an eastern island, was totally cut off after power companies halted operations and mobile phone signals went dead. Disaster officials forced villagers along the coast to evacuate . Flash floods, landslides and storm surges due to Typhoon Durian have been forecast.

Packing winds of up to 190 kph and gusts of 225 kph, Typhoon Durian was feared to hit resort areas in Batangas province and Mindoro island.

Though Manila is not in the danger zone, the residents have been advised to gear up to face heavy rain and strong winds. It may be recalled that this September, as many as 213 people were killed when Typhoon Xangsane battered nation, leaving millions without power or water for days together. The recent run of typhoons damaged crops, transport links and power lines, dragging down third-quarter economic growth.

With the threat still looming inbound international airlines like Northwest Airlines have cancelled flights. The Manila administration declared a holiday for schools due to fears of heavy rain and wind.


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