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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
BBC tunes in to file-sharing territory with Zudeo
The BBC has forayed into unexplored territory. The trusted global news broadcaster has announced that hundreds of episodes of its popular programmes will for the first time be made available on a file sharing network.

According to BBC top sources the decision follows an agreement between the broadcast company’s commercial subsidiary BBC Worldwide and Java-based BitTorrent client technological firm Azureus.

It may be recalled that Azureus had launched a video sharing site similar to YouTube, christened Zudeo which enables users upload and view content.

The USP of Zudeo according to of Azureus, is that it offershigh definition videos. Zudeo users have to download a programme to access and upload content. With the new BBC Worldwide- Azureus agreement, users of Zudeo will be able to download legally, high-quality versions of popular BBC programmes.

The company has also made it fool proof by making preventing these programmes from being traded illegally on the internet. For this, the titles will be protected by digital rights management software, said BBC officials. The deal is part of a company drive to reach the largest possible audience.

Significantly, the pricing for the BBC content on Azureus’ Zudeo has not yet been revealed. According to Azureus, the new deal would be totally different from that offered by traditional file-sharing networks. Users will also be able to link to programmes from blogs, social networks, and fan sites, it is learnt.


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