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Friday, November 24, 2006
Watching Bigg Boss
Been meaning to write about Bigg Boss for a while. I don't know whether the show is popular or not. Saw something somewhere that the TRPs for the show are better than those of other Sony soaps. Good for Sony.

I have come across few posts on Bigg Boss - Amit mentioned it today - and earlier Rashmi Bansal talked about it too.

The show has definitily hooked me. I am easily hooked by anything that is demeaning and destructive. Reality shows of this sort bring out the worst in people. Watching them, I am party to it too. In theory, it can bring out the best in people too - but guess that does not happen too often.

First, let's assume a situation where cameras are watching every moment of your life except when you are taking a crap. How would you react to it? For one, you would have to change the way you speak. It has to be more acceptable to the audience which means less swear words, less shocking stuff so they don't get offended and vote you out, no true opening up of the heart to a friend because you would not want the entire world to know about many things in your life... Not even an occasional carefree explosive fart. I mean, they may not show it in the daily show, but you would not want the mikes to record it do you, so the cameramen and slimy people in the editing room have a laugh at your expense? It is easy to go a little mad, with all the restrictions.

Secondly, that little madness overcomes you. When you are locked up in a house with no TV (life without TV!) or cellphones (no SMS, no phone calls!) or booze (none of the occupants of the Bigg Boss house seem to be boozing - alcohol not permitted according to house rules?) - it is difficult to be normal. With no contact at all to the outside world, your horizons get closer, small things suddenly become larger than life issues, a smirk and a change of tone feel like huge insults... and you forget that there are cameras watching you, and a bits and pieces of your madness are displayed for all the world to relish.

Thirdly, the inherent cruelty of the concept. You have to nominate someone to be thrown out of the house every week. You could be Gandhi or Mother Teresa - but you still have to choose someone to be kicked out, and give your reasons too. I mean its theoretically possible to laugh about it and say they are all good, but I am choosing these two this week for no reason - but nobody does that. They get to caught up in it. Even when you are relatively relaxed about it, explainign your decision to the camera makes the participant self conscious and defensive.

The males. They are relatively relaxed - thats one good thing you can say about them. Apart from an Aryan who says he is pissed with the male crowd, and a spaced out Amit Sadh, the rest of the men get along well. Do they know cooking? Because you see them around the kitchen very rarely. Generally, they are lazing around cracking smart ones.

Women - what can I say? Kashmira Shah is a specimen, Rupali is peculiar in her own way (she cried in the confession room in an explosion, woo.. haath jal gaya mera.. boo hooo), Rakhi is a mishmash of attitude and frankness and cluelessness and insecurity and whatever.. Anupama plays the soft sayamese to perfection..

And coming to that - aren't models and actors embarassed to act cuddly and cute in front of the camera the way Aryan and Anupama do? Do they think the cameras are not trained on them everywhere? It is all planned - that there will be a love affair in the Bigg Boss' house and it is all acting? I don't think the borrowed concept of VIP Big Brother allows any such meddling - but who knows?

Anyway, today two are going to get thrown out at 9 PM. And I am off to watch!

Update: Kashmira gets thrown out.
posted by a correspondent @ 6:10 AM    
  • At 4:31 AM, December 30, 2006, sunil r nair said…


    See Anupama's unseen confessions about Carol, Ragini, Dipak Tijori and finally her tunna, munchkins - Aryan Vaid.

    Click here to see the clip:

    Hope you enjoy Anupama's deepest secrets revealed in this confession room scene.


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