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Sunday, November 19, 2006
Nonsense about halal chicken in Christmas menu
Here is a school in UK, and it decides to make Muslim pupils feel included in the Christmas celebratiosn by offering halal chicken, replacing the traditional turkey with trimmings.

Some people object, saying why dilute Christian and British traditions, we want our turkey back - and turkey is now back, alongside halal chicken.

Everyone is going nuts or what?

First, the school. If you would like to include Muslim students too in the Christmas celebrations and feasts, why could they not have just added halal chicken to the menu? Why remove the traditional turkey at all? Is it a poor school with no money to afford turkey and chicken together? Rubbish. Some idiot thinks inclusion means removing something of yours to accomodate something of anothers.

Two, those who objected. Why be so bothered yaar - relax. Muslims can't eat turkey, and can eat halal chicken. You are Christian, and can eat anything that walks. Including halal chicken. So it is not like you are going hungry or anything - wasn't there a better way to deal with this rather than creating a big issue out of it? Or is it that you tried it, and the fools at the school were adamant about no turkey? That doesn't make sense. Or, you just wanted to prove a point by being loud and confrontational about it.

I would say these kind of stupid confrontations are boring; except that the intolerant trend on all sides, and exceptional stupidity on the part of some is definitely worrying.
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