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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Nintendo Wii in my Delhi home?
I have no first hand experience of most of the cool things around; a very disagreeble situation.

See, I could get my hands on a 386 PC at the time when most of my classmates could just about use a calculator. I could make pages in Aldus PageMaker when most would do a cut-paste job. I could drive b/w boxy pixellated cars on a little handheld screen when others would not know - or want to - where to place their dirty fingers on a handheld console. Those were the days when my eminence shined when I could get into a Mumbai local and I would be the only one who had a mobile phone. i was the only one who ahd a waist-clip from where I could pluck it out in style. When I would review games like Cyberia and Lion King for Business Standard, and brought my PC to a crawl with the latest version of Need For Speed; and could take control of my colleagues PC through our office LAN. I was the geek-boy, and I shall remind you, my eminance shone.

And then it stopped shining.

It must have happened during my days at Imandi Asia. Caught up in a nice new marriage and attempting to learn sales talk, somewhere, the world started spinning faster and I did not notice. Everyone started sporting cellphones, and chatting, and blasting strange gimmicky IDs through MSN Messenger, and creating MMS clips and I did not notice. And then everyone had a digicam, and then their dogs bought their own digital SLRs and it sort of registered in some corner of my decaying mind. Then the DPS MMS clip kicked me in the butt and I was wide awake and confused and found that there were too many gadgets around, too many geeks around, too make gamers and hackers and ringtones around, and I am hopelessly outdated.

Now what, and where do I go from here?

Little by little, I think of reclaiming a small portion of my erstwhile kingdom. I have reclaimed bits of Flickr, Picasa, Orkut, Blogs - all mine by divine right, and stolen from me while I was sleeping! - and now for the big battle. The battle for the Game Console!!

While I was sleeping the dreamless sales-and-management sleep, game consoles became a big thing. The PSP came, the Nintendo came and the XBox came and I didn't take much notice (not even of PC games). But then it became a huge hit abroad, and people here started talking about it - and now the XBox 360 is here in India' the PSP3 will be here in 4 months, and Wii would be too - and I shall win the war for the title of Da Geek Lord! Despair vermin who dared to take over my country and crawl to your holes while I spill the blood of those who dare stand up in my way!!

Anyway. I have been watching the Wii ads on the Net. The concept is definitely cutting edge, I am Lord of the Cutting Edge. (Err.. I was, at least...) Let it come to India, and my office room will be converted into a gaming den, sounds of roaring trucks and swooshing swords and magic spells and tennis balls would go thwack and I shall redeem myself again in my own eyesss... hehehehe....
posted by a correspondent @ 3:26 AM  
  • At 8:49 AM, December 26, 2006, Blogger Sir. Edwin said…

    Hey dude where can i get hold of Wii.. and how much does it costs!! in Delhi .. sure le me know

    Edwin Albert

  • At 4:44 AM, June 24, 2007, Blogger Arjun Jassal said…

    hello fellow nerd
    you can be the lord, thats not a problem, cause this is the world of web 2.0, where millions of people become world lords for 15 seconds. so you cab be one too. No problems.
    now my question to you is this: does nintendo have an office in our hallowed country?
    Or is there any other way to contact them?
    will wait for your reply

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