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Monday, November 13, 2006
greatbong tackles the Domestic Violence Act
Some should have written about this - and now GreatBong has done it.

The Indian Domestic Violence Act is will turn out to be quite useful in dealing with husbands, and quite dangerous in dealing with vivious, vengeful women and their relatives.

It is inherently biased, assuming guilt purely because of the word of the wife who complains about harassment, and gives pretty much no option for the cops other than to jail a husband who has been accused of harassing his wife. And the court has not been given much leeway either. The law makes it clear that the word of the wife is sufficient grounds, and the man may actually have to prove that he did not act violently with his wife at all.

When the society itself is messed up, you get messed up laws. The law tries to balances out the relative imbalance in the male-female power equation with a presumption of guilt; and it is no way to run a legal system.

I quote Greatbong:

I thought that one o
I thought that one of the assumptions of jurisprudence was that an accused is innocent till proven guilty. Evidently not.
people would be seriously deluded if they think women never abuse men in any way or form, especially in a middle class urban millieu where this law is likely to be used more frequently simply because of the greater awareness of its existance and its clauses. Just like men abuse women for not being able to provide a progeny, I know of cases, which may be a lot fewer, where women taunt their husbands for being impotent or lousy in bed. Why is one a crime and not the other?

Go read the rest on the Indian Domestic Violence Act here

All the stuff that presumes guilt on someone, and all the zero sum games that are going on around us, are getting to me finally.
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  • At 3:54 AM, November 14, 2006, Swarup said…

    Cheating and fooling the Indian Women for Vote bank!!!
    Sub: Cheating and fooling the Indian Women for Vote bank!!!

    Please read the interview of Renuka Chowdhury(link here).

    If any LAW maker does not have the sufficient knowledge, then why they make such a stupid LAW??

    The question is unanswered, what punishment you will recommended, when a dishonest daughter in law ( Modern Supnakhas ) , abuse our mother and sister ??
    More at :

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